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What is word cloud analysis?

You can look at a word cloud as a visually representation of the highlighted words that your survey responses came across. Also known as tag cloud, makes use of the words that make up a perspective or opinion of the respondents.

Word cloud is most used in surveys having more open-ended questions, where such words are hidden in long sentences. With word cloud analysis, you can get a bunch of picked up words which are important to understand the respondents’ views about the question or research topic.

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Examples of word cloud analysis with respect to surveys

Let’s say a college conducts a seminar on Business Analytics. Students attend the seminar in large numbers and when the seminar is done, the organizers ask them to fill out a seminar feedback form. Those large numbers of students answer the survey having an open-ended question “What do you think about the seminar? Explain in brief.”

Now, many students write down various statement structures to express their experience with the seminar. But when the board sits down to analyze these descriptive answers, it gets difficult to isolate the core meaning of the response. 

With word cloud, the above question can be,

Using word cloud in surveys

Surveys that are mostly about gathering feedback or reviews can really make use of word clouds. Feedback surveys provide open-ended questions so that the respondent can freely express their opinions and views. Word cloud derives those specific words that express their emotions and feelings well and makes a collage of it for easy visual representation. 

By looking at the college, one can easily get the idea of the most expressed view, whether it is happy, unhappy, satisfied, unsatisfied, positive, negative and so on.

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Advantages of word cloud in surveys

  • Rich insights – open-ended questions always attract more information, most of which is just random. Although, it helps the respondents to express more. With word cloud, you get the expressions that best represent what the respondents are trying to tell through their brief. 
  • Instant results – it is obvious that analyzing quantitative data is such a task. You have to go through each and every word the respondents have written, code the important phrass and then make sense out of it. With word cloud analysis, you get instant results in just words without any sweat. 
  • Less questions – word cloud analysis only needs limited questions, and you can still get rich insights. The only idea you want to get from the respondents is about the “god or bad” of the survey topic.

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