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What is an Auto Dialer?

An Autodialer is an outbound contact center software solution. It can help contact center agents dial customers’ using a predefined database which contains leads. Auto Dialers can be integrated with CATI or IVR Software and connect calls to live agents or play pre recorded messages. A few auto dialer software that can help boost productivity are: 

What is an Auto Dialer

Preview Dialer

Empower your agents with the flexibility to choose the person to call, and provide them with information about the contact before the call is made. Allows for personalizing the entire experience. 

Predictive dialers

Improve productivity! Predictive Dialer is an automated dialer software that connects your agents only to live callers, by avoiding disconnected numbers, no answers and busy tones. The predictive dialer algorithm can choose to speed up or slow down call dialing rate with the aim to maximize productivity, and that callers don’t answer calls which have no agent attached to them.

Progressive dialers

Improve your Customer Experience with an automated dialer software that presents agents with contact information before the call is dialed. It waits for agents to finish their call before dialing the next number, enabling a more customer-friendly approach.

Hybrid mode dialers

Voxco’s hybrid mode can allow call centers to simultaneously deploy multiple dialing modes within a single project. Predictive and preview dialing modes are seamlessly blended, with your agents free to focus on their calls.

Power mode dialers

A completely automated non-predictive dialing mode with the aim to prohibit dropped calls. Phone calls are made only when agents are free, ensuring a zero drop rate and better customer satisfaction.

Voxco TCPA Connect

4 distinct manual calling deployment scenarios tailored to any call center requirements. Integrated call monitoring, accurate call statistics and automated case distribution ensure that your productivity is as high as possible. Learn more about Voxco TCPA here.

Maximize productivity with Voxco Auto Dialer

Blended Routing
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Custom rules

Leveraging Voxco’s Auto Dialer for better business outcomes

Higher customer satisfaction

Our automated dialer software ensures that free agents are quick to call customers based on their priority. Not keeping a customer waiting for a callback = better customer satisfaction.

Improved agent performance

Real time supervisor coaching and live monitoring can boost your agent performance, with seamless transfers should agents have trouble with their call. 

Intuitive and Informative Dashboards

Personalize and improve your callers’ customer experience by providing your agents with all the customer information they need to ensure that caller needs are met quickly.

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Omnichannel feedback management with Voxco’s Auto Dialer

Voxco’s omnichannel CATI and IVR software can leverage autodialer functionality to survey respondents, making it possible for call centers to conduct large scale surveys and feedback management activities with real-time insights!

Read how Siena College leveraged Voxco’s telephony software solutions to make over 3 million calls and uncover insights in real time to make accurate predictions!

Are auto dialers illegal?

Intrusive Auto Dialers are considered illegal in the USA should the device or software meet the interpretation of the TCPA or Federal Communication Commission. Responsible deployment of Auto Dialers is a must. Voxco TCPA connect can help your call center maintain the balance between legality and productivity. 

When to use an Auto Dialer?

Political campaigns

Reach your constituents and get your message across to them efficiently with Auto Dialer integrated telephony solutions. Phone surveys can help gather useful feedback about what your voters really want from you!

CATI/IVR surveys

Carry out large scale IVR and CATI surveys and maintain high productivity with integrated automated dialer software. Use predictive dialing and empower your agents to maximize survey efficiency!

Weather/emergency alerts

Notify millions of people about upcoming emergencies or natural disasters like floods and tornadoes. Auto Dialers can get your message across quickly and efficiently. 

Lead generation

Use auto dialing capabilities to deliver messages containing promotional offers to boost your leads pipeline! However, you need to ensure the same is allowed under state or federal laws.

Why choose Voxco?

Compliance with regulations


Whether its GDPR regulations, HIPAA or TCPA compliance, Voxco’s platform can ensure your call centers meet all their requirements.

Flexible hosting

Flexible hosting

Client data is important – Voxco gives you the option to store your data securely on the cloud, or on your premises, compliant with your security and privacy protocols.


Matchless Scalability

Voxco’s flexible Virtual Call Center Software can allow you to scale up with increase in demand, whenever you need it.

Premium service and support

Premium service and support

Best in class customer support and service to ensure that you get the productivity boost you need.

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