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ADAPTify is an end-to-end data and analytics platform developed by Voxco Intelligence.

Enterprise Grade Data Lake Software

Implement Ad-hoc analytics, streaming analytics, and machine learning on enterprise data to deliver real-time insights. Take a look at a platform that unifies data across multiple sources, simplifies data analysis, and enhances data security.


Platform for all your data needs


Solution for data lake, data mart, visualization and machine learning


For democratising Augmented Intelligence (AI)


Architecture to keep your data safe

The Buyer’s Guide to Experience Management Platform

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Turn Data Into Dollars in 7 steps


Connect All Data Sources

Collect your data from multiple data sources like CRM, cloud storages, social media and more. 


Integrate All Your Data

Create a Single Source of truth. Break Data silos by combining data on a regular basis. 


Ensure Data Quality

Remove all fradualent and duplicate data to improve data quality. 


Wrangle Data

Unify complex data sets to get a single view of the entire databse. 


Easily Share Data

Share data across teams and applications with a secure no-code platform.


Visualize & Analyze

Get a unified analytics experience and deliver insights from your datalake in real time using AI & ML models.  


Build, Train & Monitor ML Models

Streamline development, deployement and management of multiple machine learning models with a single click. 

ADAPTify Features

Pre-built connectors

Pre-built connectors to all common databases and enterprises applications. These connectors are used to consolidate data from multiple systems into a single data lake


A set of extensive drag-and-drop data wrangling components which can be used by business users to create mini-data-marts without even writing a single line of code


Visualization and ability of creating “ppt-like” drag and drop dashboard

Common visualization tools

Connectors to common visualization tools (e.g. Tableau) if the need is to integrate the same with the platform

Building machine learning models

Ability of building machine learning models using drag-and-drop components

Implementing machine learning models

Ability of implementing machine learning models from the platform as web services

SMS and Email campaigns

Ability of executing SMS and Email campaigns based on models or rules


Industry specific utilities (e.g. RFM micro segments for retail, Text based sentiment analysis, Credit bureau processing etc.)

Data quality management

Data quality management and master data management utilities which can be used as drag-and-drop components

Adaptify works across industries, departments & roles to improve ROI

Reduced the time required for completing a data science project by 20% for a fortune 500 company

Reduced the time required for completing a data science project by 20% for a fortune 500 company

Data-driven loyalty strategy delivers 12% revenue jump for Starbucks

Customer engagement strategies to boost loyalty

Generate insights at the speed of light!

Dashboarding, Ad-hoc analytics, 360 omnichannel customer profile or fraud detection. Whatever you need, Adaptify can help.

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