Customer Experience Platform

Get real-time insights for improving customer experience

  • Gather data from multiple data sources
  • Measure customer sentiment using AI
  • Uncover insights hidden in your customer data
  • Act on real-time insights delivered to your inbox
Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience
Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience
  • Improve ROI
  • Maximize the customer lifetime value
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Reduce the cost to serve
  • Focus on high-impact strategies

Keep customers at the heart of your organization

Voxco Insights offers a holistic customer experience platform that makes it easier for companies to optimize every touchpoint along their customers’ journeys and deliver personalized experiences by unifying and analyzing their customer data to reveal insights that initiate actions.

Ensure customer-centricity across your organization

Leverage real-time, actionable, customer insights accessible at every level of your organization


Collect data from surveys, pool feedback, online transactions, etc.


Analyze customer sentiments, predict future behavior and actions.


Arm employees with actionable customer insights generated in real-time to prioritize high-impact outcomes.

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Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience

From Data to Insights

Unlock the True Potential of Your Data

CX 360𝆩

Voxco’s customer data platform integrates sensors, systems, and applications that generate data every second to create a combined view of every customer. It allows everyone in your organization to get a holistic view of customers’ interactions with you such as profile updates, order processes, support call tracking, website navigation, etc. 

Predictive Analytics 

Voxco’s customer experience platform empowers you to analyze customer sentiments and predict customer behavior with predictive analytics.

Next Best Actions

Voxco’s platform for customer experience is built for actions. No more waiting for ad hoc reports/queries to initiate actions. With Voxco, you can set up real-time triggers and implement Ad-hoc analytics, streaming analytics, and machine learning on customer data to deliver real-time insights that initiate actions. 

Operational Insights for Each Department

Give your teams the right tool they need to ensure the best customer experience.


Leverage integrated data to create personalized customer Journeys. Monitor customer trajectory real-time in real-time and pivot go-to marketing strategies.


Empower sales teams to close deals faster with prediction tools and the ability to configure, price, and quote deals. Emphasize team-wide insights to review sales strategies.

Customer Support

Provide valuable support to customers using all the data collected in one place. Solve problems faster and extend an all-digital, end-to-end customer experience.

AI-Powered Intelligence

Leverage the power of AI & ML for multiple use-cases 

Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience

Personalize customer experiences

Deliver personalized customer experiences by understanding customers’ buying behavior, their preferences, future needs, etc.

Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience

Take the next best action 

Always be on top of the activity and manage the next actions by aligning your marketing and sales strategies with predictive analysis.  

Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience

Empower your organization

Empower teams to collaborate with each other, become efficient, and deliver a loyalty-building customer experience.

Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience

Drive loyalty

Boost loyalty by recommending the right products or services at the right time with the knowledge of your customers’ history, interests, and pain points.

Voxco Success Stories

Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience

Siena College uses Voxco Survey Software for NY Times Upshot Polls ​ 3M Phone Calls | 96 Polls ​

Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience

ReconMR raised productivity by 40 % & scaled to 5 call centers with Voxco

Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience

D G Solutions grew their business by 4x in a single year!

Voxco for Customer Experience customer experience

Frost & Sullivan conducted 100k surveys across 300 industries annually with Voxco