Accelerate Innovation with Government Solutions

Foster trust and build community engagement by optimizing their experiences with the government. 

With Voxco, design a better public experience that boosts trust in government. Bridge the gap & deliver on people’s expectations from the government. 

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Capture feedback, identify what the public wants, and empower your teams to take strategic action. Voxco’s AI-driven Government Solution empowers public sectors to increase the visibility of citizens’ concerns & drive operational efficiency.

500 + institutions around the world trust Voxco experience software
for government to make the right decision.

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Secure & Serve people better with Smart Government Solutions

data security

Data security:

Voxco’s government solutions meet the highest regulation for data security & privacy.

Moreover, Voxco offers on-premise hosting so you can have more control over the security of citizen data.

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With real-time data analysis, you can take necessary actions without any delay, seize opportunities for improvement, & prevent issues before they escalate. 

Voxco for Government VOXCO FOR GOVERNMENT

Easy-to-use platform: 

Voxco is a no-code platform that makes it easy to use. You can set up projects, analyze, and report with a few clicks in our intuitive government solutions.

Omnichannel reach

Reach anyone, anywhere:

Voxco offers online, offline, mobile, and phone (Dialer and IVR optional) survey capabilities.

Reach your target demographic where they are – remote or accessible.

Transform every interaction with Voxco’s Government Solutions

Nurture Community Engagement

Put people at the heart of decision-making. Listen to what the public has to say & innovate experience from their perspective with leading government solutions.

Voxco for Government VOXCO FOR GOVERNMENT

Capture public voice:

Take advantage of surveys to know what you need to do to improve the experience of the community you serve. Government agencies, municipalities, and political bodies can quickly gather the feedback required to make the right decision

Uncover what’s important: 

Voxco’s government solutions help you leverage the power of public opinion to uncover where you need to step up. Identify underlying hassles faced by people & take the best action based on predictive recommendations.

Voxco for Government VOXCO FOR GOVERNMENT

Reimagine Service For the People

Customers interact & engage with government-provided services every day. Use Voxco’s engagement platform for government to gain a clear view of customer demands & efforts made to meet those demands.

Get an enterprise-wide view: 

Collect and unify data from multiple sources across different interactions and transactions to get an integrated view of customers. Use the data to anticipate behavior & identify pain points and demands to address them accurately.

Alert relevant service teams: 

Reinforce operational efficiencies with alerts & role-based triggers for the relevant departments. Close the loop and deliver a relevant experience with one-stop government solutions.

Boost Health Outcomes

Enhance health outcomes by understanding the experience and expectations of patients & providers with our AI-led experience platform for government.

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Act on the data: 

Leverage experience software for government to capture feedback by conducting surveys such as Patient Experience & Employee Experience to uncover public healthcare issues. Take rapid action and nurture patient-provider relationships across the patient journey

Accurately respond to health emergencies: 

With a 360 view of patients, apply AI & ML to identify health anomalies and diagnose root causes with intelligent government solutions.

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Empower Workforce

Capture feedback from the employees who work to serve the public. Empower them to build solutions for the complex world of today and the future.

Foster employee engagement: 

Gather feedback from every employee to support & nurture their growth and improve productivity. Put your employees first and ensure that they have a sense of belonging.

Arm employees with the right tools: 

Equip employees with solutions such as customer 360 to always have a pulse of people’s experience. Give them access to advanced analytics to enable them to take effective actions and drive outcomes.

Voxco for Government VOXCO FOR GOVERNMENT

KIMS uses Image Analytics for cancer detection and improves diagnosis accuracy by 96%.

Voxco for Government VOXCO FOR GOVERNMENT

Siena College uses Voxco Survey Software for NY Times Upshot Polls ​3M Phone Calls.


What does a government solution do?

A government solution like Voxco empowers the government body to capture public opinion and analyze the data to take action that improves the citizens’ experience across all government sectors.

How does Voxco contribute with its AI-driven government solutions?

Voxco’s government solutions help you capture citizens’ feedback via multiple channels, centralize all collected data, and automate analysis to understand their sentiment. The AI-enabled experience platform for government offers visibility in customer experience across every touchpoint & helps government sectors improve the experience.

What are the applications of government solutions?

The public expects smart and proactive government. AI-powered government solutions help the various government body become human-centric and improves decision-making across various sectors. 

  • For Civilians: Reinnovate everyday interaction of taxpayers, students, or farmers by reducing risks, resolving issues, and operating efficiently. 
  • Community: Leverage public opinion to uncover how you can move government forward with society. Innovate the state, local, and the community from their perspective. 
  • Health Outcome: Uncover public healthcare issues to take action reactively + proactively and nurture the patient-provider relationship.