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The Voxco Research Cloud™

Create engaging, powerful online surveys with ease

Trusted by the Top 50 Market Research firms & Global Brands in 40+ countries since 1976

Unparalleled flexibility, functionality & design

Pick & choose the exact survey solution you need for your research

Create engaging surveys by using drag and drop design functionality

A question type for every methodology

Engage respondents anywhere & anytime on any device

Intuitive and powerful survey flow logic options to tailor your surveys

Create, test, and modify surveys instantly with no coding required

Reporting simplified with a centralized database and powerful analytics and dashboards

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Create any type of survey

We’ve got all the basic question types covered, while easily handling sophisticated logic, multiple rotations, advanced skip patterns, and multi-media files; it has multi-language capability, automatic device detection, and much more. And it is still easy to use.
More Details on Survey Design.

Access results in real time

Voxco Online’s reporting functions give you real-time insight on participation in your surveys. Monitor completes & dropouts, and track online survey success on the go. Get an early read on trends emerging in your study, then safely share your reports through a secure reporting portal that allows you to specify user access rights and views. Turn all that data into dynamic survey reporting dashboards with Voxco Analytics.
More details on results reporting.

Choose your environment: on-site or SaaS

Voxco hosting options let you choose what is best for your business. If you need total control over the data collection environment, Voxco Online can be deployed on-premise. Or we can host it for you on our secure servers, reducing your infrastructure and maintenance costs.

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Survey distribution simplified

Maximize your web survey reach. In addition to email invitations, you can send invitations and reminders via SMS to mobile devices. Post online survey links on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter. Or push your study as a pop-up web survey. Monitor invitation channels in real-time, so you can make immediate adjustments to your send-out and reminder strategy. Voxco Online also comes with many distribution features like customized messaging, automated send-outs, and unsubscribe lists.
More details on distribution features.

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Integrate with Mobile Offline

Voxco Online is just one part of our omnichannel survey platform. It also seamlessly integrates with Voxco Mobile Offline whenever you need to survey respondents face-to-face and may not have internet access.

Nurture loyal survey respondents

Recruit and foster a loyal community of your most trusted survey respondents and/or clients. Voxco Panel Manager offers rich panel management tools that are integrated within the Voxco Research Cloud™ to help you maximize your survey response rates. Panelists can answer surveys or view & claim rewards from inside their own engaging, branded portals. Live management and tracking of an unlimited number of panelists with unlimited attributes in multiple panels.

Rely on Voxco professionals for support

Whether conducting voice of customer studies is your business or you just need to run an occasional web survey, Voxco can help with any online data collection program.