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What are participant statistics with respect to surveys?

Once you send the survey invitation to people, they are your survey participants. Although, to understand how well your survey performs, you need to monitor the participants’ behavior towards your survey.

Participant statistics allow you to understand how many participants decided to complete your survey, how many of them did not answer it at all, dropped midway through, etc. This statistics defines how well the survey performed and necessary measures to increase survey response rates.

Let us discuss in short what factors survey participant statistics show:

  • Viewed the survey – view count of the survey increases by one when a respondent clicks on the survey link and opens it. This count is not related to whether respondents will answer the survey or not. 
  • Started the survey – this is the total number of respondents who started answering the survey. If the survey has a page-break with a “Continue” or “Next” button, the survey status is updated as “Started”.
  • Completed the survey – this count includes all the respondents who answered all the survey questions and completed all of it and clicked on the “Submit” or “Finish” button appearing on the very last page of the survey. 
  • Completion rate – you will get the completion rate of your survey by dividing the number of completed survey responses and number of started survey responses. 
  • Validation errors in surveys – this denotes the number of times a respondent has some validation error while answering the survey. 
  • Branch termination – sometimes the survey terminates after meeting certain criteria over q question through branching. This count includes all the number of terminations encountered because of such branching.

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Example of participant statistics in surveys

Uses of participant statistics in surveys

Framing the survey and deploying it to the people is just the start. The real hustle starts when you must investigate all the stages the survey goes through and the quality of data it brings into the organization. With participant statistics, you get to know how many people have seriously answered the survey and determine based on the quality of data those responses yield. 

You can take measures to improve survey performance for the future by looking at the completion pattern and dropout rates. Those changes will lead you to better survey conduction.

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Advantages of participant statistics in surveys

  • Performance – participant statistics show you how well the survey has performed. Number of participants who answered, dropped out or completed your survey, all defines the response rate of the survey. 
  • Time and cadence – more the number of participants answer your survey, more the understanding of the research topic you get. Having as many responses as possible lets you know peoples’ views and opinions on the service/ product of your brand. Along with that, the time and cadence required to answer your survey can be monitored too. 
  • Quality data – the most important advantage of participant statistics is it defines the quality of data gathered through survey responses. If most of the respondents have started the survey and dropped off in-between, you cannot really trust their responses to be genuine and reliable. Similarly, if you have a good completion rate for your survey, you can rely more on the data gathered.

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