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Survey invitation

Easily set up & manage survey
invitation channels and channel
participation rates

Manage multiple invitation channels in real time

Voxco Online’s send-out features give you the flexibility to set up different invitation channels and closely manage channel participation rates:

Broad survey distribution options

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Social media invitations.

Use the power of social media to invite respondents. Post a web survey invitation on Facebook, send a link via Twitter, customize the messages and track each platform’s performance.

Pop-up survey invitations.

Invite respondents to your online survey via an embedded pop-up link, and use different messaging tailored to each specific website environment.

Email invitation.

Reach your target respondents with email invitations in either HTML or text format.

SMS Text Messaging.

Embrace the mobile trend – *send text messages to invite respondents to answer your mobile-responsive surveys.

[Note: We have a platform for customers to send out messages. Voxco does not send out messages to anybody.]

Anonymous and authenticated participants.

Open your online survey to wider audiences and enable any interested respondent to engage with you. Or require user authentication for a more targeted approach.

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Custom targeting and personal messaging

Survey invitation management

Drop analysis

Spot problem questions with drop analysis. Quickly see where respondents are abandoning your survey and check the dropout rate of each question.

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Daily tracking

Daily activity reports tell you everything you need to know about completion rates.

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Device activity trends

Find out which devices respondents use to complete your survey. Learn whether they prefer tablets, desktops, or mobile phones for different types of surveys.

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Completion times

Keep respondents happy by being accurate – make sure that your average completion time is what you say it is.

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Survey invitation management 10

Logical email & list management

Save invitation templates.

Create your own invitation library so you can save your most successful messages and easily reuse them in other studies.

Track invitation success.

Optimize your invitation strategies by monitoring participation rate across all invitation tactics, and keep track of the response rate for your reminder emails and texts.

Manage unsubscribe lists.

Keep your community happy and comply with anti-spam and do-not-call regulations by using our unsubscribe management feature to effectively manage those who unsubscribe from your mailing or SMS lists.

Easily import lists.

Simply upload your list of targeted respondents in one of several formats: CSV, XLS.

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