Brand Perception Survey Template

Survey template to help research and get insights into how customers perceive your brand.

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Brand Perception Survey

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Brand perception surveys allow Businesses, SMEs, and large enterprises to understand how their customer base, target audience, or people perceive their brand. Get insights into what your respondents feel about your company’s vision, mission, and values, their perception of your products, and how you stack up against the competition.

Voxco’s brand perception survey can help you:

  • Identify key drivers behind customer sentiment with respect to your brand
  • Gain intelligent insights that can help improve brand image
  • Position yourself as a brand that is responsive to customer feedback and sentiment

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FAQs on Brand Perception Survey Template

Why Voxco’s your best bet for determining brand perception

How your target customers perceive your brand is important, but the “why” behind their perception is of even more significance. What is it about your brand that causes them to make a purchase or skip your offerings in favor of the competition? 

With Voxco’s brand perception surveys, you can identify customer concerns about your brand and get insights on how you can fix them.

Voxco’s omnichannel brand perception surveys can help you:

  • Understand customer perception via online, telephonic, or face-to-face surveys
  • Create dynamic dashboards that help you get more from your collected data
  • Develop powerful surveys that power your research with intelligent survey flow logic options
  • Get onboarded seamlessly with our premium service and support

Why should you utilize a brand perception survey?

This survey type aims to gather insights regarding the customers’ perspectives, attitudes, and experiences with your brand. The purpose is to understand how the market perceives the brand, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and uncover areas for improvement. 

What are the key components of a brand perception survey?

The key components of a brand perception survey are as follows: 

  • Brand Awareness: How familiar are the respondents with the brand? 
  • Brand Image: The overall perception of your brand’s values and qualities. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: The satisfaction levels of existing customers. 
  • Purchase Intent: The likelihood of respondents choosing your brand in the future.
  • Competitive Analysis: How does the brand compare with competitors?

What types of questions should you include?

Let’s look into the types of questions you should consider including in your brand perception survey. 

  • Overall Brand Perception: How would you describe your overall perception of our brand LMN?
  • Brand Attitude: Please rate our brand on its reliability. 
  • Customer Service: How satisfied are you with the customer service provided by our brand?
  • Brand Loyalty: How likely are you to refer our brand to your peers?
  • Competitive Differentiation: In comparison to brand PQR, what makes our brand LMN stand out?

You should also make a note to customize your survey to specific customer segments or demographic groups. This will help you capture targeted insights enabling you to adapt strategies based on opinions and perceptions of different audience segments. 

How can a brand perception survey impact business strategy?

Understanding how your target market perceives your brand is crucial in making informed decisions. The insights gained from this survey will highlight strengths, opportunities, gaps, and weaknesses. It ensures alignment with the target audience, refines marketing strategies, enhances customer experience, and helps make strategic adjustments to enhance brand image and competitive advantage. 

How can it help contribute to customer retention?

With insights collected directly from customers, you can identify aspects that contribute to customer loyalty. The knowledge allows you to implement targeted measures to enhance customer satisfaction, thereby increasing retention and repeat purchases. 

How frequently should you conduct a brand perception survey?

The frequency of brand perception surveys depends on factors like industry dynamics, market changes, business objectives, and, finally, the cadence of your brand communication. 

Conducting surveys periodically, such as quarterly or semi-annually, can help track changes over time, keep your knowledge relevant, and ensure that strategies align with evolving market perceptions. 

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