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C2 Montréal Voxco Multi-Mode / Voxco Online / Voxco Mobile-Offline / Professional Services

Innovative business event combines online and on-the-floor attendee insights

The Client

Over the last six years, C2 Montréal has established itself as a leading organization for the planning and execution of trend-making business events around the world. They have expanded internationally and currently organize innovative events that explore the relationship between commerce and creativity; some events are organized under their own brand and on behalf of other organizations.

Each year, over 6,000 attendees descend into Montréal for three days at the flagship C2 event. The event’s speakers include inspirational leaders like Steve Wozniak, Martha Stewart, James Cameron, Richard Branson, and Georges St-Pierre. The 2017 edition included C2’s first AI forum, a showcase for organizations at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology.

The Challenge

C2 Montréal is a cutting-edge event, so organizers use the latest technology to assess and analyze participant activity and reaction in many different ways. They actively track registration, scheduling, attendance, business connections, and purchases via smart wearables in attendee badges. These tools monitor what participants aredoing; but the C2 Montreal team also wanted to track how participants are feeling.

Understanding where participants were, and what they were doing wasn’t enough. The event organizers wanted to keep a finger on the pulse of attendee energy levels as the event progressed. They needed a survey technology partner who could capture live attendee feedback throughout the event as it was happening and after it was over.

The Solution

Starting in 2016, C2 partnered with Voxco to add a robust attendee feedback system to the existing C2 Montréal activity-tracking program. The Voxco survey platform allowed the event group to complement data they collected via smart wearables with insight from post-event online surveys and in-the-moment, face-to-face surveys.

During the three-day conference, volunteers walked the event site with Voxco Mobile Offline surveys. Using tablets, they completed quick surveys with attendees to create a constant series of snapshots of how attendees were feeling throughout the day. The surveys took less than a minute to complete – including a portion that was completed by the respondents themselves.

A few days after the event, a Voxco Online survey was sent to all attendees to collect feedback about more specific elements of the event. The C2 Montréal team was then able to pair post-event insights gained from the surveys with the activity-tracking from the smart wearables to get a more complete understanding of attendee behavior and sentiment.

The Results

Complementing automated attendee activity-tracking with emotional feedback analysis has had a great effect on the C2 Montréal team’s ability to evaluate how attendees are responding to C2 events. Their team has gained a better understanding of both attendee behavior and enjoyment levels throughout the event. The big picture created by this complementary data collection strategy has helped organizers better plan future events by emphasizing the positives and reducing the negatives.

“Our collaboration with Voxco has been a big success. The attendee surveys have been a tremendous source of insight to accompany the behavior tracking collected via the smart wearable technology embedded in our attendee badges. The Voxco team was also extremely efficient and reactive to our needs, which is exactly what we want in a technology partner.”

Pierre Noinski, Director of Participant Services
C2 Montréal