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Maximize NPS Insights


Improving NPS can have a huge impact on the top and the bottom line. Stay ahead of the curve with our expert-led webinar on how to leverage data science to maximize NPS insights.

In this webinar, Voxco CMO, Jonathan Levitt, will join senior members of the Reality Check Insights research team, Peter Enns, Ph.D. (Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist), Ben Leff (Co-Founder), and Jake Rothschild, Ph.D. (Senior Data Scientist) to share insights on how to :
  • Understand the distribution of your NPS scores
  • Track your NPS versus competitors to anticipate industry trends
  • Combine other metrics with NPS to reveal insights that are not apparent when looking at individual measures

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    Turn every touch point into a positive member experience

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    Foster a culture of member-centric care

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    Use insights to set best practices & processes

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    The comprehensive omnichannel solution to maximize your chances of reaching patients
    One integrated platform for phone, web & face to face healthcare surveys. Outreach calls, welcome calls, patient satisfaction, and home health agency surveys are a breeze with our TCPA compliant Voxco dialer.

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    Hosting and flexibility
    Need a SaaS plan or on-premise deployment options for security or privacy reasons? We can do both! We offer truly competitive pricing and a very flexible licensing model.

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    Premium Service and Support, a call or click away
    Exceptional support & call center guidance so that you can maximize your healthcare survey software efficiency. We provide launch and transition assistance.

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    Dive Deeper into Data with dynamic dashboards & analytics
    Drag & drop functionality to create custom cross tabs & measure statistical significance. Turn crosstabs into compelling Visual data stories in real time with one-click charts, images & videos.

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    Subject matter expertise from our team
    We proudly service many clients within the patient care, medical, and healthcare industry. We have been providing top shelf survey software to clients for 40+ years.