Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Access High Quality Samples to Accelerate your Research

Improve research quality with more than 10 M professionals that fit your every requirement! Reduce research time from months to hours!

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

60% of proprietary sample in North America

90+ data & profiling points

20-30% over an ad-hoc rate card

Accelerate your survey research projects with on-demand first-hand insight generation technology that captures feedback from relevant audience at scale. Integrate real time feedback along with operational data to take strategic decisions. Use Voxco Audience to conduct international studies on any topic ranging from customer satisfaction, new product feedback, brand perception or more!

  • Accelerate survey research with high quality responses with large proprietary samples
  • Improve conversion-to survey with many panel vendors
  • Maximize impact with high quality first hand data
  • Conduct on-demand omnichannel survey research
  • Enhance data quality with third-party plug-ins
Voxco Audience Voxco Audience
Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Proprietary Sample

Access to a ever increasing robust set of sample: 60% of proprietary sample in North America.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Cost Efficient

Save upto 20-30% over an ad-hoc rate card. No admin or PM hour charges over the top.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Genuine Profiles

With 90+  data & profiling points, get access to curated & real profiles only.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Automated Platform

Reduce the setup times & improve efficiency in creating panels.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Third-Party Integrations

Give more depth to your studies with eye tracking, facial coding and video open end questions.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Secure Encryption

SCCB Secure Platform adds an encryption layer on all your redirects and improve your data security.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Duplication Check

Avoid getting multiple survey fills from the same IP or duplicate IPs.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Fully Integrated Platform

Conduct your omnichannel survey research (phone, online, offline or field surveys) using one survey platform.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Google Captcha

Prevent bot traffic by embedding Google Captcha options in the start of your survey.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Duplicate IP Check

Perform automatic IP check for correct location. Prevent Duplicate IPs from filling surveys.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

VPN & Proxy protection

With MaxMind Score, protect yourself against VPN and proxies.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Red Herring & Custom Screening Questions

Ask red herring & custom screening questions to make capture true respondent feedback and to perform logic check.

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Secure Encryption

With Secure Client Callback (SCCB), add an additional layer of security by using encryted hashes on redirect links.

Manage everything from creating new panels, setting requirements, buying responses and receiving final data using one single platform. Designed with drag and drop simplicity, manage multiple panel studies, build a rich repository of relevant customers and prospects and generate on-demand insights at scale.

  • Manage Multiple Vendors – Access the market place with multiple vendors. Select the ones which fit your budget and other requirements ​
  • Auto Store And Recall Re-Directs – Manage all you redirects from one single platform​
  • De-Dupe Across Panels – Remove duplicate entries from multiple panels so you have unique individuals to send survey to.

High quality and security are high priority at Voxco. With multiple rigorous checks, we ensure you get high quality data for your survey research projects. Our platform is integrated with multiple tools to remove duplicates, verify identities, prevent multiple survey fills and more.

  • Duplicate IP Check – Limit one survey response per IP address to prevent duplicate survey fills.
  • MaxMind Score​ – Estimate the risk of transaction with the particular IP address. Verify the identity of a professional in seconds and generate a risk score to make decision of accepting or rejecting a survey response.
  • Google Captcha​ – Eliminate bot entries by enabling Google Captcha on your surveys with one click.
  • Encrypted Secure Links – Protect the link addresses by encrypting all the survey links embedded in the survey. Generate unique survey link for every respondent.

Manage multiple panels with multiple third party vendors from a single platform. Access a panel vendor marketplace and generate single panel from multiple panel vendors by assigning distributions on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Manage Multiple Vendors​ – Choose the panel vendors of your choose and select respondents that fit your criteria for multiple vendors for one study.
  • De-Dupe Across Panels – Remove duplicates from multiple studies with one single click
  • Ad-hoc optimization – Want to change survey respondents from one panel, change it on an ad-hoc basis and optimize your KPIs on the fly

Generate detailed visuals, analyze survey responses in real time and track survey drop-outs on one single platform.

  • Details Stats Across Vendors​ – Generate statistics of all your past and current vendors to make a informed decision for your next survey project
  • Access to Screening & Security Data – Deep dive into the data profiling and security checks to ensure high quality data.
  • Build visual dashboards – Create custom dashboards, custom views, multiple filters and track panel responses to uncover critical insights in seconds
Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Review your competitive landscape. Conduct a short poll. Get requested feedback, instantly! Here’s how:

Select Relevant Audience

Male, Female, 35-70 years old, working in a multinational company and 40 more filters! Get the audience you need and the ones you can trust. Our platform contains only verified profiles, so you get insights from a real person!

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience
Voxco Audience Voxco Audience

Build your survey

Create complex personalized surveys with drag and drop builder, advanced survey logic & 100+ question types. Brand your surveys using custom theme options. And send them to your selected audience in one click!

Visualize Real Time Insights

Collect rich, first-hand insights using live dashboards and custom in-depth reports. Generate automatic one-click summaries to anticipate trends in real time!

Voxco Audience Voxco Audience