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Why choose Voxco Survey Software for market research?

Voxco has been developing survey software for over 25 years. We understand that to be competitive, market research organizations need the flexibility and power to easily handle diverse client requirements.  We offer that in our tools and pricing.

Efficiency in one platform

Voxco’s integrated platform includes online, offline, mobile, and phone (Dialer and IVR optional) survey capabilities. You can collect survey data through any means while managing projects centrally.

Powerful survey functions

Voxco is known for the strength of its survey system and professional grade survey features. This means you can run any project, from the most simple to extremely complex, all in one system.

Data hosting of your choice

Voxco is one of the few survey software providers that offers hosting options.  You can choose to use our survey system in a SaaS mode or host on your own servers/premise for total data control. 

Services to extend your team

Our experienced staff can act as an extension of your team during peak times, holidays or on a regular basis. Letting you better address fluctuating client demands without worrying about staffing.  

Pricing to meet your budget

Market research budgets are tight and margins thin. We help you keep costs in check with very competitive pricing.  And, unlike other companies, we do not charge you for every little extra.

Flexibility to make it work for you

You can bid on any project with confidence since our licensing model is flexible. We can adjust to your needs. Start with what you require and easily scale up as your business requirements evolve.

Client success stories

Brain Research

Leading regional MR firm maximizes interviewer productivity with Voxco Mobile Offline.

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Evolving product testing with unique 3D virtual environments & Voxco Multi-Mode.

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Promark currently operates 350+ stations stratified throughout five call center facilities. Voxco’s Multi-Mode has enabled us to operate and manage our facilities as a single virtual call center. The survey software is powerful and resilient and can keep up with the demanding load we place upon the system.

Steve Werner

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Voxco survey software is used by 300+ organizations in various industries around the world. We can help YOUR organization solve its data collection needs.
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