Top 10 Cloud Call Center Solutions in 2024


Top 10 Cloud Call Center Solutions in 2023 automation in market research
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Cloud call center software can help you streamline your operations while offering useful insights, from omnichannel communications support and call routing to interactive voice response (IVR), analytics, and more. You may stay updated on call length averages, assess good or bad client interactions, and determine which agents are doing well and which ones want additional training.

The top call center software choices right now are listed below. These systems were chosen based on a variety of criteria, including important features, uptime, cost, and more.

What is a cloud call center solution?

A contemporary software called contact center software solution enables businesses to control omnichannel customer assistance from a single location. Agents will have a 360-degree view of every consumer when using a contact center solution, allowing them to respond to inquiries promptly and effectively.

Why use cloud call center solutions?

Making or taking customer calls is a crucial part of running a business in a variety of sectors. It can become a daunting experience depending on the size and organizational structure of the company: Calls can be dropped, the customer line can get excessively long, and crucial information can slip through the cracks. 

These solutions provide ways to keep internal teams productive and organized while ensuring a great customer experience. Businesses can handle a higher contact volume, enhance team effectiveness, and direct the flow of client discussions when these solutions are correctly deployed.

The functionality of these systems varies from product to product, but for any team that conducts regular phone calls, these platforms assist in offering a central hub that organizes workflows and makes sure calls are handled effectively. 

Numerous platforms provide cutting-edge features that modernize call-based operations, lighten the workload for staff, and help with repetitive activities. These technologies improve the call-based interaction between clients and staff while facilitating speedy deal closing and problem resolution.

Features of cloud call center solution

Here are the features of call center cloud solutions for your business;

1. Call recording and routing

Reduce customer wait times by routing calls to available agents, and at the same time, record incoming and outgoing calls in real-time.

2. Phone control

During the time that clients are waiting, you can queue calls with mute, hold, warm transfer, queue callback, and voicemail options.

3. International numbers

Get virtual numbers for several nations to streamline your company’s international operations.

4. Mobile applications

By putting the contact center on your smartphone with ease of access, you may exercise greater control and visibility over company conversations to improve customer service.

5. Call analytics

We use Google Analytics for our call center software to track your calls. Get thorough insights on all of your campaigns, including data on each call and SMS.

6. Real-time notifications

Stay updated about your business calls and provide superior customer service with the help of our call center software. Obtain timely notification.

Top X Cloud Call Center Solutions in 2024

According to us these are the top 10 cloud call center solutions in 2024;

  1. Voxco Survey Software
  2. Ring Central
  3. Dialpad
  4. 3 CX
  5. Zen Desk
  6. Vonage
  7. Nextive
  8. FreshDesk
  9. Genesys Cloud CX
  10. 8*8




1. Voxco Survey Software

  • Offers smooth omnichannel support
  • Improves agent engagement and call center productivity
  • Conduct advanced survey research
  • Implements stringent quality control and security procedures

Customizabe pricing

2. Ring Central 

  • It offers ACD, IVR,skill-based routing
  • Outbound campaign management
  • Social media interactions 
  • It includes speech and text analytics
  • Performance monitoring, and coaching tools
  • Workforce planning & optimization

There are three different price tiers for it: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. 


For more information on each plan’s pricing, you can request a quote.

3. Dialpad

  • More than 50 countries are backed
  • It offers services for call routing, real-time call coaching, thorough analytics, and number portability
  • Unlimited calling, multiple-level auto attendant, and automatic spam detection
  • It allows for quick and easy deployment

The platform is available for a 14-day free trial. Each user’s monthly plan for a business phone system begins at $15. 

4. 3CX

  • Modern queueing methods
  • From any place, including the office or WFH, agents can respond remotely
  • All correspondence, such as SMS, whatsApp, live chat, voice calls, and video calls
  • Call logging
  • Call instruction

Basic call management features are included in 3CX for FREE, which is available for a free lifetime. 


Pricing for medium and large is determined using simultaneous calls for the most economical pricing and scalability. 

5. ZenDesk

  • It accommodates an endless number of calls
  • Voicemail is accepted
  • Make tickets that can optionally include transcriptions
  • Offers IVR systems, call queues , and group routing for routing and queuing calls

Five different pricing options are available for Zendesk Talk: Lite (free), Team ($19 per agent per month), Professional ($49 per agent per month), Enterprise ($89 per agent per month), and Partner Edition ($9 per agent per month). Additionally these plans offer a free trial.

6. Vonage

  • Steadfast Vonage AI service
  • Management of employee engagement
  • Performance improvement
  • Real-time and historical analytics
  • Support for voice, email, chat, SMS, and video across the full omnichannel

Express, Essentials, Select, and Premium are the four editions of Vonage that are offered, each with a unique price and a number of add-on services that may be purchased separately.

7. Nextiva

  • Interaction is driven by voice
  • Internet-based calling 
  • Call logging
  • Forwarding calls

Essential users pay $18.95 per month; Professional users pay $22.95, and Individual users pay $32.95 (Enterprise)

8. Freshdesk

  • Encourage basic teamwork 
  • Use IVR and voice bots to provide 24/7 customer assistance
  • An omnichannel dashboard that can be fully customized for tracking data and KPIs
  • Easy integration with numerous CRM and billing solutions

No cost for ten agents, Basic plans start at $15 per user per month, Pro plans at $49 per user per month, and Enterprise plans at $79 per user per month. A free trial period of 21 days.

9. Genesys Cloud

  • Support for social media, chat, email, and the phone that is truly omnichannel
  • Controlling employee participation to boost agent production
  • A VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service is Genesys Cloud Voice
  • Analytics and data from the past and the present
  • Integration of UC systems for agent cooperation

Genesys Cloud CX is offered in three versions, CX1, 2, and 3, with prices per agent per month beginning at $75. For £10 per user, you can add on UC features.

10. 8*8

  • The communications platform as a service (CPaaS)
  • Advanced artificial intelligence and contact center analytics
  • Staff communication within the company and external employee 
  • Experience (inbound and outbound)
  • Organizational capacities for collaboration 
  • Services for domestic and international business calls

The monthly starting price for an agent at 8*8 Contact Center is $95 per agent.

1. Voxco

Voxco’s omnichannel cloud call center software can help your agents handle customer interactions more effectively. Your agents will always have the information they need to deliver, whether it’s more sales or a better customer service experience. Powerful dashboards and analytics tools ensure that your agents understand who they’re speaking with, allowing them to personalize the customer experience at a critical touchpoint – your contact center.

Voxco’s cloud call center software, whether for outbound calls, inbound calls, or blended services, can increase productivity and provide your company with tools to manage feedback. When compared to an on-premise solution, cloud call center software can help you save 27%!


  • Reach out to your customers for feedback via multiple channels (phone, online, in-person) to gain insights that can help improve customer experience and drive brand advocacy.
  • Businesses, and thus Call Centers, face surges in demand. Voxco’s cloud call center software can be quickly scaled up to meet this surge in demand whenever it is needed!
  • Aside from Cloud Call Center Software, our platform can help you reach your target audience through multiple channels.
  • With Voxco’s TCPA Connect, survey call centers in the United States gain access to a highly productive manual dialing environment.

2. Ring Central

The RingCentral Contact Center basic subscription includes standard IVR and ACD features. It provides advanced IVR & ACD features with its advanced and ultimate plans. It helps the omnichannel contact center. It provides adaptable reports.

It includes more than 40 functions for routing, integration, administration, management, workforce planning & optimization, customer interaction, flexibility, security, safety, and dependability.


  • As intelligent routing features, it provides ACD, IVR, skills-based routing, virtual holds, Voicemail routing, omnichannel routing, outbound dialing, outbound campaign management, chat and co-browsing, and social media interactions.
  • For administration and reporting, it includes features such as call recording, pre-built reports, quiet monitoring, barging, omnichannel analytics, supervisor tools, and so on.

3. Dialpad

Dialpad, an AI-powered cloud communication platform, can take notes and interpret sentiment. You will have access to a single area where you can record calls, mute them, put them on hold, and so on. The transition between devices will be smooth. It works with Salesforce, Office 365, and G Suite.


  • Dialpad supports local numbers from over 50 different countries.
  • It offers call routing, live call coaching, powerful analytics, and number portability.
  • Dialpad includes features such as cooperation, multi-level auto attendant, unlimited calling, and automatic spam detection.
  • It allows for quick and easy deployment.

Dialpad is an easy-to-use platform. It can be used on any device, anywhere. Its characteristics are strong. You can use a mobile device’s business phone to check voicemails, make phone calls, and send messages.

4. 3CX

3CX’s complete call center solution includes dynamic call queues, IVR, and call reporting. A simple drag-and-drop Call Flow Designer can also be used to fully automate call handling.

Finally, 3CX has established itself as the ideal solution for managing multichannel communications such as voice and video calls, WhatsApp, and business SMS. Furthermore, all 3CX licences include 3CX live chat, which allows users to quickly convert a chat to an audio or video call and address more difficult issues.


  • A single platform for all communications, such as SMS, whatsApp, live chat, audio, and video calls.
  • Round Robin and Hunt by Threes are advanced queuing techniques.
  • Remote responses can be sent by agents from any location, including the office or WFH.
  • Call recording: Calls may be recorded for quality assurance and legal purposes.
  • Agent training: Listen in, whisper, and barge in as needed.
  • Call reporting includes built-in reports, SLA, and call-back statistics.
  • Real-time queue monitoring on the wallboard.

5. Zen Desk

Zendesk, which is based on one of the most comprehensive customer service platforms, offers a call center solution for businesses of all sizes. By utilizing Zendesk’s slick help desk capabilities with automatic ticket creation, agents can assist clients across all channels.


  • Create phone numbers, voicemails, and SMS messages right away.
  • Give your consumers a simple way to call you in your browser or mobile app by including a call button.
  • In the same location where you manage emails, chat, and social messaging, handle calls, voicemails, and texts.
  • Utilize group routing, overflow routing, interactive voice response (IVR) routing, and after-hours routing to guarantee that callers always connect with the appropriate agent at the appropriate time.

6. Vonage

Vonage offers a cloud-based call center solution that is simple to use and seamlessly integrates with some of the most popular CRM platforms available to significantly increase the efficiency of call center operations. Call center agents’ jobs are made easier by artificial intelligence that automatically routes customers to the correct location.

This not only helps businesses provide better customer service but also increases call center employee productivity. Another plus is Vonage’s call center software’s ability to integrate with popular CRM platforms. 

Vonage’s user interface (UI) as well as its powerful productivity, KPIs, and personalization tools are available for purchase on websites such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and others.

Vonage is an excellent call center software due to its AI-based capabilities, user-friendly UI, and above all, its ability to seamlessly interact with leading CRM platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.


  • Conversation analyzer aids in the transcription, tagging, and quality assurance of client calls.
  • Personalized dashboards and wallboards provide real-time visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Your self-service requests benefit from conversational AI thanks to the virtual assistant. Omnichannel allows you to interact with clients on their terms.
  • A set of communication APIs improves the contact center experience by bringing video and screen sharing to a new level of customer involvement.

7. Nextiva

You can speak with more callers on Nextiva in less time and with fewer agents. It is an obvious solution. IVR, call queuing, and other features are offered by Nextiva.

Additionally, you may enhance caller experience, deploy virtual agents to automate interactions, and enhance the way agents manage calls.


  • Send the appropriate call center employees incoming calls. Any way you like, configure your IVR.
  • At any time, you can pause, record, and listen to customer interactions.
  • Calls can be divided up according to the technical support level, business hours, IVR options, and other factors.
  • Purchase local and toll-free phone numbers or port your current numbers.
  • Effortlessly manage interactions with customers. Keep clients from making the same demands again.

8. Fresh Desk

With Freshdesk’s call center solution, which was created for the digital age, you can enhance the customer experience across all of your communication channels. You can use Freshdesk to have all incoming calls from the channels you’ve defined automatically routed to the right team member within the company.

On the platform, you can also leverage speech bot and IVR technology to offer your customers round-the-clock phone support. Freshdesk also makes it easier for you to assess the effectiveness of your call center thanks to data acquired in real-time.


  • Use IVR and voice bots to provide 24/7 customer assistance.
  • An omnichannel dashboard that can be fully customized for tracking data and KPIs.
  • seamless integration with numerous CRM and billing solutions.

9. Genesys Cloud CX

Genesys is a software program for contact centers that can handle both incoming and outgoing calls. It offers a straightforward user interface and can manage calls, emails, chats, social media comments, and instant messages.

There are self-service options available, such as voice bots and chatbots, which are excellent for after-hours support. Additionally to the capabilities, you might anticipate, such as workforce management, reporting, and ACD tools.


  • With artificial intelligence, you can power omnichannel experiences (AI).
  • Make your employees’ experience better. From a single platform or third-party solution, enable quick communication and seamless cooperation.
  • Give your staff the resources, encouragement, and chances for advancement they require to enjoy their work honestly.
  • Route customer contacts using intelligent and skills-based routing. Beyond call routing, make sure each customer receives the appropriate assistance at all times.

10. 8*8

A cloud-based contact center management system from 8×8 can handle both incoming and outgoing calls. It offers a virtual contact center with all of the business contact center’s features.

Small businesses might use the ContactNow contact center as a solution. Additionally, 8×8 offers business phone systems and a platform for team communications, meetings, and integrated phone calls.


  • For omnichannel routing, it provides the capabilities of skill-based routing, IVR, queued callback, web callback, & inbound chat, email, social media, etc.
  • Along with current and historical reports, it also provides speech analytics and customer experience analytics.
  • Either native CRM integration or integration with third parties can be used.
  • Agents can use the Co-browse, Expert Connect, and Knowledge Base features.

There are several features and functionalities available in the cloud-based 8×8 Contact Center solution, including voice and screen recording and archiving. It has tools for agents and supervisors including quality management and internal chat.


We are aware of the importance of client engagement for the success of your company. You can equip your expanding support team with Voxco to handle problems more quickly, analyze existing customer support metrics, and enhance all aspects of phone support operations. Try Voxco call center software right away if you’re prepared to provide improved customer experiences across all channels.

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