Misconception about Market Research Automation

Misconceptions about Market Research Automation

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Market Research is an important aspect of any business that aims to stand out and stand at the top in a competitive market. It provides insightful market data and customer input that helps a business make a strategic decision and puts the organization on the path toward success. 

With the growth of industry and competition, the requirement for quality data is increasing. The emergence of automation tools has helped in making the process of market research efficient and fast. Market research tools have also increased the quality of data making it more accurate. 

There has been much positive impact due to the automation tool used in market research:

  • Automation has made it possible to perform market segmentation, thus helping researchers to conduct more targeted market research
  • Eliminated menial and repetitive tasks performed by humans, thus speeding up the process and reducing human errors
  • It is possible to collect real-time insight; enabling companies to adapt to changing market trends and respond to the changes. Market research automation has increased the agility of the entire business process. 

However, with the increasing use of technology comes misconception. These myths make it difficult for some organizations to adopt and make the most of the new technology. Here, we will answer questions about these misconceptions about market research automation.

Myth 1: Need a Research Expert to operate

Organizations often believe that it is difficult to use a new platform to build a survey and conduct market research. Market research automation tools simply take the repetitive task away from humans and help perform analysis faster, eliminating any chance of human error. 

Also, the platform offers a palate of survey templates built by research experts. This reduces any chance of flaws in research design caused by lack of knowledge or bias. The automation tool offers many features that are easy to navigate through and makes the entire process of conducting market research easy and fun.

Myth 2: Market Research Automation lacks customization

Some researchers may claim that automation tools leave no room for customization for their market research. However, market research automation no longer requires standardization. 

It has found a perfect balance between customization and standardization that helps increase the efficiency and speed of the market research. It gives you a flexible platform where you can merge customization and automation to meet particular needs for the research. The platform offers tools that improve the quality and efficiency but also lets you perform some of the tasks. 

With Voxco, you can automate your market research. It offers you an array of tools to help you build your survey system based on your requirement. It enables you to create your own surveys while also offering survey templates created by expert research.

Myth 3: Lose control over Market research data

Your market research data is indispensable for the business and the security of the data is equally important. The automated market research platform provides data security from external as well as internal threats. Today’s automation platform complies with the protocols for the security of client data. It offers secure access to the client portals and dashboard.

Voxco allows you complete control over your account. You can securely share the survey findings within the secure network with your clients and colleagues. You can grant permission on what others can do and see in the account.

Market Research toolkit to start your market research surveys and studies.

Myth 4: I am on my own

Market research automation tools may sometimes shift control over to the software and you may find yourself stuck in the middle of it all. Such problems may cause delays in your market research. 

Automated market research providers are also readily available with experts to help you whenever you need them. Rest assured the support team will be well trained and guide you through the entire process. 

Voxco’s professional service offers on-demand services. The team offers help 24X7 to help build your expertise and improve productivity.

Myth 5: Need many tools

Market Research comprises many steps and there are many tools on the internet for each of these steps and purposes. Separate tools for the individual task can overwhelm the researcher and also cause discrepancies during the research process. It can be a stressful job to keep all the elements connected for an efficient job. 

A well-developed Market Research Automated tool should be able to make your job smooth. It should provide you all the tools at one platform offering a seamless experience. The researcher should not have to rack their brains to get things done. 

Voxco is an Omnichannel Survey Software that offers you all the market research tools you need for effective and seamless work, all in one platform. It supports Panel Manager, and a dynamic Dashboard to ease up the process.

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