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Omnichannel Survey Tools to handle all your market research needs

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Trusted by the Top 50 Market Research firms & Global Brands in 40+ countries since 1976

Experience our Robust omnichannel solution to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. Experience the convenience of a single platform for your phone, web & face to face surveys.

Voxco Research Cloud ™ for the pros

Key features

Matchless flexibility

Host data in the Cloud or install on-premise for total control!


Visualize data in real time with one click. All thanks to dynamic dashboards & analytics!

Powerful Scripting

Easily script surveys once & deploy across channels.

Build the survey system you need

Create a system to meet your exact requirements today and add components as your needs evolve.

Integrated Telephony

Voxco CATI mode with Voxco Dialer and Voxco IVR to create an integrated phone survey system of unparalleled efficiency.

Seamless Online & offline surveys

Conduct your web surveys with Voxco Online and use it seamlessly with Voxco Mobile Offline for tablet interviews in the field where there is no network connection.

Extra survey research tools

Our omnichannel data collection modes are supported by additional tools like Panel Manager, Dashboards, and an experienced Professional Services team to help cover all your needs.

Voxco online

The world's most effective online survey solution suite, hands down! Create engaging web surveys with ease.

Trusted by Top 50 Market Research firms, Global Brands & Universities in 40+ countries since 1976.

Reporting simplified with a centralized SQL database

Create beautiful surveys by using drag and drop functionality

Engage respondents anywhere & anytime and on any device

A question type for every methodology

Intuitive and powerful survey flow logic options to tailor your survey

Create, test, and modify surveys instantly with no coding required

Professional grade Survey Tools - Built for and by Researchers. Unlock Actionable Insights!

Net Promoter Score

Accurately gauge customer loyalty & intent with NPS. Turn detractors into promoters

Increase traffic, boost conversions and grow sales

Measure the effectiveness of your website and drive growth

Product development surveys

Gather feedback on your products & services

Market segmentation surveys

Uncover insights to better understand your target audience

Branding, positioning and naming testing

See what works best with customers and align your strategy accordingly

Pricing options surveys

Gather feedback on perceived value pricing

Purchase behavior

Understand who is buying your products, where & why

Market trends

Track industry trends to stay ahead of the curve

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Optimizing listener data collection via centralized, automated phone interviewing.

DG Solutions

D G Solutions – How this Healthcare veteran & Voxco partner grew their business by 4x in a single year!


Evolving product testing with unique 3D virtual environments & Voxco Multi-Mode.