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In the influence of an external standard or historical norms, it might be difficult to interpret rating scale data. The top 2 box scoring strategy is a prominent technique used by marketers to assess rating scale data nowadays.

Here we’ll discuss the top 2 box scores, their objectives, variations, and benefits. Let’s get started.

What are the Top 2 Box Scores?

The top 2 box score is a standard technique for scoring and evaluating data from customer satisfaction surveys. It is a method of summarizing affirmative responses to Likert scale survey questions. It adds the top two responses and gives you a single/ combined value.

The benefit of utilizing a Top 2 Box score is that it allows researchers to concentrate on a single measure rather than dealing with and interpreting answer percentages for each particular scale category.

Objectives of Top 2 Box Scores

Top 2 box score is important for organizational growth because

  1. It makes your data easily accessible. Instead of evaluating five or more figures, you’ll simply have one to assess.
  2. Comparisons are simple and efficient. This scoring allows you to compare findings more effectively when comparing outcomes across brands or stimuli.
  3. Trends become more obvious. Top 2 Box scores assist you in identifying trends in your data while tracking metrics over time.

Now that you have learned about the meaning and objectives of the top 2 box scores. Let us now explore some variations of it.

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Variations of Top 2 Box scores

Some of the common variations of top 2 box scores are

  1. Top Box Score
  2. Bottom 2 Box Score
  3. Top 3 Box Score

Let’s learn about them in detail.

Top Box Score

When you’re just interested in analyzing the top box, use a Top Box score. Simply find the percentage of participants you have selected 5 stars or the top-most choice from the response options. So, your top box score will be 60% if 60% of your total respondents have given you 5 stars. 

For example, if you want to boost customer retention and want to use a star-rating question to gauge satisfaction, you should focus to increase the percentage of consumers who rated 5 stars over time.

Top 2 Box Scores Thurstone scale

Bottom 2 Box Score

When attempting to collect negative responses out of a Likert scale question, a Bottom 2 Box may be used instead of a Top 2 Box.

It’s as simple as adding the bottom two responses (“Extremely likely” and “Not at all likely”). By quantifying the negative responses you can deduce the percentage of loyal customers. 

Top 3 Box Score

When Likert scale questions exceed a 5-point scale, use a Top 3 Box score. The formula is identical to the Top 2 Box, except that you add the top three positive responses.

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Benefits of using top 2 box score

Following are the benefits of using top 2 box score

1. Top 2 Box Scores Promote Customer Loyalty

Attracting new consumers is five times more expensive for the average firm than maintaining an existing one. So, how do you make that work? You discover what your customers value and then utilize that knowledge to create a very fulfilling customer experience.

With the correct data, you can concentrate on improving the acts that evoke top-box reactions while replacing those that evoke negative feedback. Done correctly you will eventually build a strong network of returning customers and, even better, recommendations.

2. Top 2 Box Scoring Promotes an Excellence Culture

An organization that cultivates an exceptional culture regularly attracts and keeps great personnel, which is vital for success. Successful firms take tremendous attention in designing and implementing effective processes that promote constant excellence.

Establishing a culture of excellence in your company begins with establishing clear expectations and goals for your employees. Customers supply the vital input needed to develop those standards, so if you aren’t frequently obtaining and analyzing data, now is the time for you to start.

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Top box scoring enables you to rapidly identify your company’s strengths as well as key areas that require immediate attention. With this information, you can build on the aspects that keep customers coming back while also addressing weaknesses. Responding to survey data from customers keeps them coming to you instead of your competitors down the block.

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Top 2 Box Scores Thurstone scale

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