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Extraction logic

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What is extraction logic?

Extraction logic is a method that allows the survey creators to show the options selected by the respondents from the previous questions in the next extracted question. Based on the option selected by the respondent, the relevant extracted question will be automatically added to the survey in a right place. Survey creators also have the allowance to carry the options that are selected, not selected, displayed, and not displayed, to the extracted questions.

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Types of extracted questions

Standard extraction logic – it means extracting the options selected by the respondents from one question and displaying it in another.

Reverse extraction logic – it means extracting the options NOT selected by the respondents from one question and displaying it in the next question. 

  • Multiple choice extracted questions

Single selected 

Multi selected 


  • Textual extracted questions

Single row 

Multiple row


Email address

  • Ordered extracted questions

Rank order

Drag and drop

Constant sum 

  • Rating extracted questions



  • Matrix extracted questions

Single selected 

Multiple selected 


  • Sliding extracted questions



Examples of extracted logic questions

How is extraction logic used in surveys?

In customer feedback surveys, extracted logic can be used on questions that asks the customers to answer which product they have used and then present the extracted questions based on the options they chose. This will help a business understand its customers’ purchase behavior.

Retail store experience surveys can have questions asking for the customers to tell them the best part about their retail store visit. Using extraction logic, they can have rating questions in stars to rate the various factors of retails store experiences. 

Course evaluation surveys in universities and institutions can ask for ratings from students on the overall campus performance.

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Advantages of extraction logic

  • Extraction logic saves the effort as you don’t have to define different questions for all the options the respondents chooses to select.
  • With personalized questions, extraction logic enhances the respondents’ survey experience. It increases respondent engagement.
  • With easy to understand and personalized questions, respondents take less time to complete the survey. 
  • With such things becoming convenient for the respondents, they are more likely to complete the survey, hence giving you increased survey response rates.

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