Insurance Claim Satisfaction Survey Template

A survey template to allow you to get accurate feedback about your claim management

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Insurance Claim Satisfaction Survey

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Customer churn is a serious issue for insurance providers. A lot of customer complaints in the insurance sector stem from the claim process itself. Customers need to believe you’re there for them when they’re at their most vulnerable. Insurance claim satisfaction surveys can allow analysts in your firm to understand customer pain points with your claims process and identify areas of improvement.

Voxco’s insurance claim satisfaction survey template can help you:

  • Understand key drivers behind customer concerns with your operations
  • Glean actionable insights which can help you identify issues with your claims process
  • Improve your brand image with your customers

Download our Insurance Claim Satisfaction Survey Template

Why Voxco’s your best bet for insurance claim satisfaction surveys

Voxco’s insurance survey templates can help you understand concerns better, and help retain customers. With our survey software, you can identify key areas for improvement, deliver better customer journeys with your organization.

Why our insurance survey software is ideal for your organization:

  • Develop comprehensive surveys that can power research with intelligent survey logic
  • Reach respondents on any channel – phone, online or face to face
  • Dynamic dashboards and analytics tools so you can get more from your data
  • Easy on boarding with best in class support and service

Top questions one should ask in an insurance claim satisfaction survey

q) Please rate your interaction with our staff on the following parameters (Rating from 1-5)

  • Friendliness
  • Knowledge
  • Service

q) How would you describe the process of filing a claim with us?

Responses can range from “very easy” to “very difficult”