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What is Call Barging in a Call Center?

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Call barge in is an advanced telephony feature which allows contact centers and sales teams to maintain high quality assistance even with high volume of calls. Features like  call monitoring and call barging are needed to ensure the customers/clients are satisfied and their demands are being met.

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What is Call Barging?

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Call Barging is a feature that allows you to drop in on live calls between the customer and the agents. This feature gives the advantage to the manager/supervisor to ensure the call quality and also coach the agents in the contact center.

Call Barging can be easily understood as a step next to call recording and call whispering. You are familiar with the Call monitoring/recording feature. This feature allows you to monitor live calls and also record them for later reference.

Call whispering allows a supervisor to interact and pass notes to the agent without interrupting the call with the customer. It is most beneficial when the agent is having trouble responding and solving the customer’s query. 

Call Barging permits to convert this supervisor to agent and agent to customer call into a conference call including all three parties. If the customer asks questions regarding new events or products which the agent is unable to answer, the supervisor or manager can drop in and help the agent as well as the customer. 

Call Barging ensures that your customer is the top priority and receives efficient service from the contact center.

Call Barging used in ways as follows:

  • Transfer calls to another member of the team. Or, In case when a customer/client calls a different department, the call can be redirected to the right person.
  • Transferring calls to a voicemail box.

Features accessible in Call Barging

Call Forwarding:

Agents can forward the calls when they are in need of.

Call Transfer:

Agents can redirect any call to other team members or the manager.

Call Conference:

This allows the supervisor to join the conversation between the caller and the agent. 

Dialing Choice:

Provided by Voxco

  • Preview allows you to review the case before auto-dialing or manual dialing
  • Power auto dials when the interviewer is available for the call
  • Predictive implies auto-dial based on prediction as per the availability of the agent
  • Hybrid means using multiple dialing modes

Call Analytics:

This allows you to track the performance of your Phone Survey System. Voxco Dialer dashboard provides live statistics on call rates, drop rates, waiting time, the delay between calls, etc. You can also customize alerts for specific criteria in a performance review.

Call Record:

You can record calls between agents and callers for future review. Also, you can set recording commands. For example, pausing recording at the sensitive question in case you are calling the customer/client for some research purpose.

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How Call Barging Works?

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  • Think like an Agent: Let’s say one of your agents is on a call with a customer. The agent is facing some difficulties answering the queries of the customer and you believe they need your help. So, you step in to help the agent deal with the issue and also the customer. The agent would feel relieved and also learn from the seniors.
  • As a Customer: Imagine from the point of view of a customer. The customer will feel frustrated if the agent is unable to understand and provide a solution to their queries fast enough. If a manager or supervisor drops in the call to help the customer with the situation, the customer would feel reassured. 
  • Resulting in Good Review: Call barging is a win-win situation. On one hand, it is a beneficial feature to train the agents when they face a challenging situation. On the other hand, the customers also feel reassured and feel they are taken care of properly. This boosts the customer’s opinion about the company and promotes the company.

Advantages of Call Barging in Call Centers


Helping customers with their queries and their problems can be a little challenging. However, using Phone System Software and integrating it with IVR software provides the company with more benefits in customer service.

Gathering required information before a call, routing the call to a skilled agent, and Call Barging, all these and many more features puts the company in benefit.

Improve KPI

As a manager, you need to keep records and monitor the performance of the agents working under your supervision. Whether, it is a red flag or improves in performance if the agent, a manager needs to analyze all the records. 

Call Barging lets managers listen through live calls and gives them access to the recorded calls. Moreover, the managers can monitor the first call resolution rate, customer satisfaction rating, call duration, call drop, etc. 

The data generated can provide insight to the manager or supervisor to discreetly analyze the performance of the agents.

Train Agents

Training an agent is not a matter of a week or month. A call center manager or supervisor should make use of the whispering or barging feature along with a recording tool to train the agents whenever required. 

Dropping in at any time in the call to help the agent and caller and helping the agents or directly helping the customer are ways in which the supervisor can train the agent. This also boosts the confidence of the agent and teaches them behavior traits to align with the customers.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is one of the most important factors that every contact center adheres to. However, an agent suffering for the sake of quality assurance is something that the manager and supervisor prevent with the feature of Call Barging.

Additionally, when important and loyal customer calls, the supervisors step in to ensure that they are properly served as well as the agent does not suffer.

The VIP customer remains satisfied and impressed with the organization as it provides them stellar experience. It ensures that your customers are satisfied and they won’t switch to your rival companies.

Also, the agents get help and on-spot training. They don’t need to worry and stress about impressing the VIP caller.


Get a free demo with our call center experts. See what Voxco can do for you! 

Remote Call Center Agent

Call Center Barging features can help you monitor a call no matter if your team is scattered. You can make live calls when they need your support and help them.

First Call Resolution

Bouncing a caller from an agent to an agent will irritate the customer and they won’t appreciate such treatment. They want quality service and their needs to be met. 

Call Barging software helps the agent to connect with the manager or supervisor whenever such dispute arises. The manager can join the live chat and help diffuse the situation. They can provide technical assistance and any other form of guidance. 

Moreover, knowing that the manager can solve the issue in no time, the agents will be more motivated to solve the issue in their first call.

Get a free demo with our call center experts. See what Voxco can do for you! 

When Should You Barge In A Call?

With the feature at your disposal, it might be tempting to drop in whenever an agent appears to be struggling. However, it is not ideal because the agents may not learn to handle problematic situations. Also, the customer may not appreciate interruption and the fact that their conversations were being monitored. They may find it intrusive. 

Call Barging should be used when you find your agents to be in serious trouble. In particular calls where the situation has already escalated that may result in losing a customer you as a manager should drop in.

When customers are upset and ask to speak to a supervisor or some senior agent, you may step in to resolve the issue. There may also be situations when customers have been calling but they don’t receive a proper solution, you may drop in the live call and help both parties. 

Call barging can be used to dissolve a situation when you don’t want to put the caller on wait/queue only to have them transfer to you. 

It can also be used as a training exercise for an agent with an irate customer. You can teach them how to manage the situation and dissolve the tension.

How Voxco can Help Your Call Center?

Voxco Phone Survey System has an experience of 25 years. It not only provides a diverse range of features but also consultants to optimize your contact center.

Real-time Supervision:

Voxco Dialer Dashboard provides a live dashboard for projects, interviews, and quotas. It also helps keep track of call duration, waiting and drop rate, also agent engagement and performance. 

Live Call Monitoring:

The software allows you to monitor the audio and also, provides the interview screen mirroring that of the agent with the feature to message the interviewer. Also, you can record the call and access it later.

Whisper/Barge in:

This allows the supervisor to monitor the conversion and speak with the agent without interrupting the call with the customer. Also, the supervisor can join the call anytime from anywhere and help steer the conversation from becoming a dispute.

Custom Alerts:

The supervisor can allot training for the agents based on their performance. 

Auto Dialers:

Voxco’s Auto Dialers help the agents by providing more productivity than they can achieve by dialing by hand.

Automatic Call Detection:

The Dialer detects the ID of the caller in the answering machine. In case the information is new, it updates the caller records into the system.

Remote Training:

You can train your agents remotely using this platform. You can provide them training while they are working from home. Also, you can assign training modules to your agents.

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