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The perquisites of using a panel management software

Survey Panels are a great way to gather actionable feedback through a representative sample of people with a relevant knowledge base. The panelists selected for a particular survey are picked on the basis of the pre-requisite information that they possess in addition to meeting certain other demographic and social criterias that are necessary for the survey results to be accurate and comprehensive. This makes them best suited to gather current market data and allows researching organization to explore each topic deeply by diving into technical jargon and expert areas.

The task of managing such panelists is very important. It has an effect upon the quality of responses and the ability of a panelists to fully devote themselves to providing the best input possible.

What does it actually mean ?

Managing survey panels is basically about acquiring individuals with the eligibility to answer specific research questions as well keeping them engaged to ensure that they remain satisfied as well as the organisation gets to know and update their knowledge about them. Knowing your panelists is very important to ensure that the right person gets assigned to the right study.

Panel management helps in the task of creating panel profiles. This helps in bifurcating your panel members into groups based on similarities and difference so that a  nuanced survey research can be carried out. The organizations can list their specific criteria for targeted respondents which they would like to study. They then can look for panel members that effectively meet the criteria. This results in the creation of suitable panels, qualitative research , high engagement with panelists and a comprehensive targeted research

Benefits of Panel Management

Panel management in itself is an intrinsically different experience of surveying. It offers multiple benefits :


Customer awareness and preference knowledge is one key area crucial to the success of an business. Organizations can increase their knowledge about their customers to directly assess the market sentiment and make changes to improve market share. The added benefit here is that not only are these changes practical but are also based on first hand knowledge gained directly from the target market. This reduces the risk associated with implementing solutions that may or may not be accepted by the customers. Organizations select suitable candidates using a wide range of data points , use a highly developed survey mechanism designed to answer each aspect of the research topic and analyse solutions leading to informed decision making.


The results obtained from panel surveys are consistently applicable and can be replicated for making other future decisions. Companies need not go through the effort of conducting another research to answer similar or relevant research questions. These needs can be served easily by using previous survey results or maintaining a long term panel that is at the organization’s disposal for providing an anytime updaate of market conditions or product preferences. This way organizations know that the survey participants can be trusted and relied upon to provide authentics point of views without any confusion .

Cost effective

Organizations can easily collect a ton of valid inputs from qualified individuals in a pocket friendly manner that allows greater efficiency in survey research. Resource investments get minimized while the organization gets to improve their business functioning using advanced feedback and actionable insights. 

Ease and convenience

 Manage your rich panelists through easy to use automation and the ability to manage both large and small groups of paneists to serve varying needs of research. The convenience of managing panels of respondents from anywhere is a benefit that panel surveys and their management the most feasible and viable options to provide an impetus to your market research.

Broad list update capabilities.

Import raw lists of panelists from other sources, with logical filtering and merging of duplicate records. Execute batch updates for maximum panel management efficiency.


Using a panel management software such as Voxco , organizations get to stud panelist profiles for gauging eligibility. These profiles are built using a complete database of 90 data points that are gathered on a regular basis from panelists to convey up to date information that gets filtered from time to time. 


 The Voxco Panel Management software not only provides effective responses but also delivers them in a prompt manner . After selecting the panel , the survey gets distributed and responses get collected within hours to meet deadlines and prevent time delays.

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Comprehensive attribute management

Organizations get the freedom to classify and categorize panelists using an unlimited list of attributes . This helps in narrowing down your paelist profile and filtering the people who you want from those that you do not. These attributes can even be automatically assigned using pre-defined responses.

 Active monitoring and real time reporting

Use Voxco’s safe reporitng portal with variable user access rights to monitor and access live survey results that gets adjusted as and when real time data comes in along with top line reports to show answer trends, NPS® scores and more.

 Attribute driven activities

Use panelist attributes as survey criteria , reward points allocation and more. This allows you to customize your actions for specific individuals based on their attributes.

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Advance logic functions

Voxco Panel Management has extensive logic functions for quality responses. Use Dynamic questioning with partial or full randomization , loops, choice exclusion  and much more. Validations and calculations does the work of damage control using soft prompting , setting answer requirements and error minimization.Piping , branching and skipping for customized answer algorithms.

Loyal community of respondents

Voxco Panel Manager tools integrate with Voxco Online survey software to help you recruit & foster panels of trusted respondents.

 Voxco prefessional support

Best-in-class Premium support, a call or click away- Exceptional support & call center guidance so that you can maximize your efficiency.

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