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Survey test checklist

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Performing a survey is one thing; surveying that yields useful insights is quite another. Question kinds, dissemination, testing, and so on. There’s a lot to remember. 

Fortunately, we designed a helpful survey test checklist that will guide you through every step of the process. It’s now up to you. Follow these instructions, check them off as you go, and you’ll have the ideal survey.

Survey test checklist- create a perfect survey!

To get you started, here’s a checklist for testing the survey, complete with an explanation of each main category of survey parts to look for:

1. Examine the display

In test mode, go through each page of your survey, and ensure that all questions load swiftly and accurately. All text and pictures should be displayed in their entirety and not abbreviated. The images should fit every mobile device. 

Check that all display buttons work properly and that the survey may go ahead (and possibly backward) as intended.

2. Examine the text

When you’re nearly ready to launch, run through the survey at an excruciatingly slow rate to ensure that all wording perfectly fits the questions.  Check the question text, the response text, and any directions. Ensure that any answer option lists you have in the questions are uniform throughout the survey. 

You can also refer to “How to write survey questions” for further tips.

Survey test checklist Thurstone scale

3. Examine the question controls

At the level of each question, various programming standards must be checked separately. Make sure that the response possibilities are random. Check to see whether they are intended to rotate instead. Rows defined as exclusive should uncheck any other rows that have been chosen. 

Review all text piping. Ensure the specifications that are necessary against those that are not required. 

Examine what is permitted in open-ended text and numeric boxes, including any range constraints or validation processes.

4. Examine the high-level functionality

Quota controls, survey pathways, skip functionality, and other features are examples of these. Many of these aspects are difficult to verify individually, one question at a time, but are simple to verify using aggregate data from a random data generator.

Run this to ensure that every skip and given limitation works as expected. Make a  note of each component for your survey test checklist and mark the box when you’re finished.

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5. Choosing a survey sample size

Should You distribute your survey to the entire audience or just a subset of it?

Previously, pollsters and opinion centers had few outreach options and depended largely on small samples of respondents they thought were representative of the public.  

Now with technological advancement, you can access a large pool of verified respondents using an online sample panel. These research panels allow you to select your ideal sample using filters and give access to genuine respondents. 

 6. Ensure excellent visual design

Survey design and themes are just in the survey experience. You must make your website, and email surveys dynamic and aesthetically appealing if you want your audience to answer positively. 

Create branded surveys and personalize the messages to boost brand awareness. 

7. Read the survey from the respondent’s eyes

Survey makers frequently worry over the substance of their survey and are so focused on the questionnaire that they frequently fail to make the survey relevant to their respondents. Put yourself in the position of your respondent and seek questions like.

8. Check your answer choices again.

Another essential step in the survey test checklist is to ensure that you have added correct answer options. 

Are you including all potential responses to your queries, or should you include a “Not relevant” option? By not providing all possible answer alternatives, your respondents may feel obligated to choose an answer option at random to your question, providing you with inaccurate data.

Or do you use scales? Ensure that you use the same amount of scale points throughout your survey. If one of your scales has just four response alternatives while the others have five, you may miss out on a chance to compare that question to others.

Voxco’s guide to online surveys

Use our in-depth online survey guide to create an actionable feedback collection survey process.

9. Examine the skip logic

Examine all of your skip logic’s available pathways! Programming errors might direct responses to the wrong page, compromising your data. We’ve even seen logic flaws lead respondents into an unending loop, leaving no option to “exit” the survey.


Consider if it makes sense for everyone who replies to your survey to answer every single question if you haven’t employed skip logic. Add skip logic to seamlessly direct respondents across the survey. 

10. Randomization 

Randomization is an effective method for removing order bias. Consider whether your questions might benefit from having either the response alternatives or the randomized questions.

11. Include the survey thank you page

Just a friendly reminder! Make sure to include the survey finish page before you begin testing the online version of your survey (AKA the survey thank you page). 

“Thank you for participating in our survey!”

Survey test checklist Thurstone scale

Why create a survey test checklist?

The idea is that testing a survey should entail more than simply running it through a few times once it has been programmed. It should be submitted to a highly rigorous assessment using a checklist on numerous devices (yes, even a phone), and in multiple browsers. 


It must be a concentrated, time-consuming, and intentional process, and the purpose of a survey test checklist is to protect you from becoming sidetracked with too many items to check! Work your way through the list one item at a time, from the beginning to the finish of the survey, then go on to the next item and repeat the process.

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Next time double-check that you’ve gone through this survey test checklist and accomplished all 11 items! Once you’ve completed your last modifications, you’re ready to begin collecting data!

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