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Telephone dialing software for faster call connections.

Efficiency through an integrated telephony system.

Voxco Dialer is a state-of-the-art telephony system that dovetails seamlessly with Voxco CATI phone survey software. Together they bring unparalleled efficiency to your phone operations. Pick and choose the features that are best for your survey call center. Now available in the USA: Voxco TCPA Connect.

Flexible dialing modes and automated call detection

Voxco Dialer includes a versatile 4-in-1 dialing solution that significantly improves the quality and speed of your call connections. These modes (Preview, Power, Predictive and Hybrid) give you the freedom to tailor the dial pattern to each project. The intelligent call detection filters out bad connections, ensuring that only successful connections are dispatched to interviewers.

For US clients, we offer Voxco TCPA Connect, with four distinct manual-dialing deployment scenarios that each offer tremendous advantages over detached-phone manual dialing or autodialing-only environments. Tailor a solution to your survey call center and retain productivity in the face of a new dialing landscape.

Significant call productivity gains

Voxco Dialer works dynamically with the rhythm of your call center to improve productivity by as much as 50%. Predictive dialing continually adjusts the pacing of calls to automatically match forecasted interviewer availability. This can result in up to 50 minutes of interviewer conversation per hour – maximum productivity.

Greater quality control and process management

Monitor, measure, and further improve the performance of your call center, or even of individual interviewers, by using our dialer quality assurance features. Listen live to interviews in progress, or record them for future review. Use the Dialer Dashboard to create project performance reports and to check on interviewer productivity.

Advanced telephony features

Voxco Dialer is a powerhouse of outbound calls, but can do even more. Features like call conferencing, call transfer and audio playback give you increased flexibility. Boost your call center performance by blending incoming calls into outbound operations, with intelligent call routing and seamless transfer and return features.

Widely compatible with telephony systems and protocols

Voxco Dialer uses standard high-performance telephony cards and VoIP licenses. It can operate independently or be connected behind most standard or IP PBXs and gateways. Voxco Dialer supports both analog and IP phones, and connects to SIP trunks or standard T1 or E1 lines.

Support and service

Voxco has over 25 years experience in CATI telephone survey software and systems. Our system architecture professionals are here to help you select the configuration that meets your specific needs.

We use Voxco Dialer for interviewing, recording, audio monitoring, and IVR surveys. It completely integrates with Voxco CATI, giving far better productivity and efficiency compared to other systems where the dialer and data collection system are separate.

Guthrie Rebel
Executive VP

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Voxco has over 25 years experience in telephony. We can help you optimize your call center's productivity. Get in touch.
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