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What is a Dialer Software?

A dialer software can help to automate the process of manually dialing numbers in a call center, thereby improving the productivity of the call center agents. With its ability to automatically dial numbers from a contact list (on behalf of the agents), dialer software can easily identify if a person or a machine has answered the call. This software plays either a recorded message or lets the agent speak once a call gets answered by a customer. The importance of dialer software isn’t limited to an automated dialing solution only, rather it helps to optimize agents’ performance and boost the call centers’ efficiency too through insightful data!

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Why do businesses use Dialer Software?

For improved agent productivity

Using dialer software helps to gain greater efficiency as compared to manual dialing. For instance, predictive dialers can result in 3 to 4x productivity gains by increasing the agent talk time from 10-15 minutes per hour to 50 mins. Moreover, dialer software helps to screen out answering machines, and minimize agent waiting time (due to auto-assignment of calls) & contribute to more connections.

For better lead generation

In today's time, phones are a widely used channel for sales and every B2B and B2C company focuses on creating a cold calling strategy to target their prospects. The factors like lead generation and outreach rate rely on the number of prospects a brand reaches out to, i.e. the more number of prospects a brand gets in touch with, the higher will be its lead generation rate. Using dialer software can help to maximize outreach and simplify the lead generation process.

For conducting surveys/polls & interviews

Dialer software is ideal for conducting CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) surveys especially if there are a large number of participants or respondents. By automating the dialing process & integrating with a CATI system, call center agents can completely focus on the primary task of asking questions. Coupling CATI features like call recording & monitoring with dialer software helps to ensure that survey data gets recorded & guidelines are followed properly. Dialer software can empower market research, social research, as well as polling agencies to conduct mass surveys.

What are the different modes in Dialer Software?

Dialing multiple phone numbers is difficult and can hamper the productivity of the call center agents. That’s why dialer software is enriched with flexible dialing modes for establishing call connections successfully. Here are the types of different modes in dialer software:

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Predictive Mode

In this mode, the dialer automatically dials a number and routes it to the available agent once the call gets connected. As the name signifies, its dialing rate depends on an algorithm that predicts the agents' availability. This mode plays a pivotal role in maximizing interviewing productivity while minimizing the call drop rate. The predictive dialing algorithm takes into account the historical data by considering factors such as average call length, the nature of the call, the time of day, etc. This mode is ideal for studies with large samples & call lists.

Preview Mode

In this mode, phone numbers are automatically pushed to agents’ screens before a call is placed. This empowers agents to review the next case and make preparations beforehand. In this mode, the agent is connected first as compared to the respondent. The agents can either manually dial the number or instruct the dialer to place a call. This mode is ideal for getting in touch with high-quality/high-value leads.

Power Mode

This dialing mode comes with full automation without using any algorithm (for prediction). Also known as progressive mode, it connects calls only when an agent is available to take the call. As the agent is already there on the line, so there's no requirement of routing. This mode is considered to be ideal for managing productivity while ensuring a zero call drop rate.

Hybrid Mode

This mode allows agents to simultaneously switch between multiple dialing modes during a specific study. This mode is a combination of predictive dialing and preview dialing modes which eliminates the need for agents to toggle between both of them. The hybrid mode is ideal to use in the case of cell phone sample components.

How Voxco can help you make the most of your Dialer Software?

Improved Call Automation

By leveraging our fully or partially automated modes, Voxco's exceptional cloud-based Dialer empowers agents to keep exasperating tasks of manual dialing at bay.

Research-centric Dialing Algorithms

As research patterns are unique and do not resonate with each other, Voxco's robust Dialer Software makes the best use of intelligent calling algorithms that are tailored for survey research.

Reduced Agents’ Downtime

By immediately connecting calls of the customers with agents, Voxco's Dialer Software ensures to minimize downtime. Also, it adjusts the rate of placing calls according to current call reality for reducing call drops.

Integrated Telephony System

Voxco's best-in-class Dialer Software offers seamless integration with a telephony system of your choice. This lets you maximize the productivity of your call center with automated, manual, or hybrid dialing modes.

Enhanced Quality Control

Managing drop rates and gaining a live view of projects’ performance has never been so simple! Leverage Voxco's Dialer Software to effortlessly monitor agents' productivity using real-time dashboards.

Advanced Telephony Features

Add more flexibility to your call center with advanced features of Voxco’s Dialer Software like call conferencing, audio playback, and call transfer. Blend incoming calls with outbound ones and use intelligent call routing to make the most out of your call center.

Why switch to Voxco?

Regulation Compliance

Be it GDPR, TCPA, or HIPAA - Voxco’s power-packed omnichannel solutions ensure that all compliance requirements are met for seamless operations of your dialer software.

Flexible hosting solutions

Don’t let bad hosting solutions hold your call center back! Voxco allows you to store your call center quality assurance software data securely in the cloud or on premises.

Premium Support

Our best in class service and support will ensure a smooth and seamless transition to voxco, and help you get the most from your call center quality assurance software.

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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries

Great Research
Fast Insights
Best-in-class ROI

Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries