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What is a Dialer Software?

A dialer software can help to automate the process of manually dialing numbers in a call center, thereby improving the productivity of the call center agents. With its ability to automatically dial numbers from a contact list (on behalf of the agents), dialer software can easily identify if a person or a machine has answered the call. This software plays either a recorded message or lets the agent speak once a call gets answered by a customer. The importance of dialer software isn’t limited to an automated dialing solution only, rather it helps to optimize agents’ performance and boost the call centers’ efficiency too through insightful data!

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Why do businesses use Dialer Software?

What are the different modes in Dialer Software?

Dialing multiple phone numbers is difficult and can hamper the productivity of the call center agents. That’s why dialer software is enriched with flexible dialing modes for establishing call connections successfully. Here are the types of different modes in dialer software:

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How Voxco can help you make the most of your Dialer Software?

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