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Real-time response and reports in surveys

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What are real-time responses and reports in surveys?

As the name suggests, real-time reports are generated by collecting the response from the respondents as soon as they complete the survey. Most of the online survey software offer dashboards to generate reports from the gathered responses and visually represent what the survey results show.

The reports can be shown in the form of graphs, charts, pie charts, tables, comparison charts and so on. The dashboards present you with real-time representations of each question and help you identify repeating patterns and general trends within the responses. Furthermore, you can filter the dashboard to see custom views and segmentations to have a narrower look of the data.

When you are shown a bunch of numbers and statements summarizing survey results, it becomes difficult to analyze the meaning out of it and can vary from person to person depending on their understanding of the topic. But when you are presented with a visual representation of what those statements and numbers mean, it becomes straight-forward to derive conclusions out of it.

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Uses of real-time responses and reports in surveys

Most of the surveys are used as quizzes and live polls where the results need to be displayed instantly. With real-time live dashboards you get to visualize the distribution of responses per question and depict the survey performance over all. Depending on how the survey did, you can decide to take respective measures for the next one or decide to reward the respondents for the same. 

With monitoring real-time survey reports, the company authorities can take early decisions regarding the survey results. The survey responses are collected and put into descriptive reports to show points and areas that need improvements in various fields such as customer experience, sales, marketing, customer retention and other operations.

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Advantages of having real-time reports of surveys

  • You can show real-time survey responses and reports to the respondents where they are taking a quiz or a poll. Doing so keeps them on the edge to participate more in future surveys. 
  • Having live reports of surveys, you can make decisions sooner on the areas that the reports show to be undertaken for improvements and changes. 
  • By studying the survey responses and reports in real time, you can see what the respondents are inclined to wards and make necessary updating in the survey design if needed. 
  • Live dashboards also give you an idea about how many respondents actually completed the survey, how many dropped out and time taken by them to answer the survey. 
  • You can also share the survey reports and visual dashboards with various file formats by exporting them.

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