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What are dynamic text comments in surveys?

You can look at dynamic text comments as a text box that is interrelated with a multiple choice question. When a respondent chooses an answer option, a text box opens with an open-ended question asking for a descriptive answer. Enabling dynamic text comments for answer options helps the researcher gather more information on the answer option choice the respondent made. 

Dynamic text comments can be configured for the following types of questions:

  • Multiple choice questions with one selectable option
  • Multiple choice questions with multiple selectable options
  • Drop down menu 
  • Matrix for one selectable
  • Matrix for multiple selectable

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Example of dynamic text comment box

Using dynamic text comments in your survey

Dynamic text comments enabled with respective question types can get you valuable supporting information on the answer option selected by the respondent. Why did they choose “Unsatisfied” as their customer service experience? What are the areas they wish you improved? All this information is provided by the respondent in the text comment box. 

As far as the data analysis goes, more data means more detailed insights. With dynamic text comments delivering additional qualitative data with every quantitative answer option, you will have the “what” and “why” of the stated question.

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Advantages of dynamic text comment box

  • Sometimes, it is not possible for the survey creator to include all the possible answer options. With dynamic text comments, respondents can add their own answer options.
  • It also helps the respondents to elaborate their choices and feel free to give suggestions or complaints on the same.

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