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What are Drill Down questions?

The Drill Down question is used to help respondents choose from a long list of options. Once the respondents pick an option from a generic drop-down, they get specific follow up questions that play a crucial role in “drilling down” to their answers. This question type is mainly used when you want your respondents to answer multiple questions that are interdependent. Based on the answers selected in the first drop-down, the respondent gets relevant options in the successive dropdown menus. Be it any level of data, the drill-down feature helps to gain a more granular overview of the data as compared to the general view.

Example of Drill Down Question Type

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Why Drill Down questions should be used?

No respondent wants to answer long and detailed questions. Streamline the process of answering surveys by helping respondents find the relevant answers without going through endless lists. That’s where drill-down questions can play a pivotal role. It is an advanced question type that comes with built-in logic and helps to deliver answers quickly. Instead of showing an ultra-long list of options, the drill-down functionality lets you narrow them down step by step at a time, which helps to boost engagement in the surveys. Leveraging this functionality, you can simply add a question and include its possible answer combinations without any extra effort. Based on the answer to the previous question, you can accordingly decide which question should come up next.  The drill-down functionality helps to gain more in-depth insights into data. 

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What are the advantages of using Drill Down questions?

Being one of the most commonly used functionality in market research surveys, here are some advantages of using drill-down questions as per the marketers:

Easy to answer – By helping respondents select the ideal option without going through a long list of answers, these question types are easy to answer.

Highly refined responses – As the respondents get to select every option on the basis of previously listed questions, the drilled down answers come out to be highly refined. 

Uncover buyer personas – With answers to the interrelated questions coming up at every level, using this question type helps to uncover the buyer personas in detail. This can empower you to develop a better understanding of your respondents.

Makes your survey engaging – As the respondents keep on answering questions step by step, it keeps them engaged and they enjoy answering the survey.

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