Powerful Call Center Quality Assurance Software

What is call center quality assurance software?

Contact center quality assurance is the process by which supervisors can observe their agents’ performance to track if the call is up to the contact centers’ requirement and expectations. Effective quality assurance software allows call center management to quickly discover issues within their teams through proactive monitoring of interactions between customers and their agents. 

Who should use a VoIP Predictive Dialer Software?

Every business with a call center, or a contact center, can greatly benefit from employing a predictive dialer software. However, predictive dialers are most commonly used in telemarketing, market research, and customer service follow-ups. 

Predictive dialers assign calls to those agents who are best qualified to answer the calls, which is another feature that every call center can benefit from.

How does VoIP Predictive Dialer work?

Predictive dialers mechanically dial multiple numbers at once based on factors such as average call duration for the agent, and the campaign’s pre-set ratio. The dialer notes all busy signals and out-of-service numbers on the list. The system is able to distinguish between when a call is sent to voicemail and when it is answered. Calls that connect will be automatically transferred to call center agents to talk to respondents.

Why is call center quality assurance important?

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Call Center quality assurance software by Voxco

Powerful analytics

Utilize powerful analytics tools with your call center quality assurance software to understand why your callers behave the way they do, and get insights into how you can improve workplace productivity.

Intuitive dashboards

More informed agents = better caller experiences. Voxco’s intuitive dashboards relay useful information about the caller to their agents’ dashboards, ensuring minimal time is spent searching for customer details.

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Why choose Voxco Dialer for your VoIP Predictive Dialer needs

Better quality control and productivity monitoring

Listening and recording options

  • Live call monitoring – listen to ongoing calls for QA or training purposes
  • Record full or partial calls – Useful for future training or listening, client compliance, etc.
  • Play any audio file to respondents (e.g. your brands’ jingle, their own previously recorded answers and more)
  • Set recording commands (e.g. pause at sensitive questions)
  • Multiple modes – Supervisors can enter the conversation with the agent and caller in conference at any time. Whisper mode allows supervisors to speak with agents without callers hearing or being interrupted in any way.

Advanced productivity monitoring

  • Powerful dashboards: Real-time statistics on lines, agents, projects (including details like idle/waiting/ talk time, number of calls, delay between each call, call drop rate, and more)
  • Fully customizable alerts on specific performance criteria
  • Visual customization of agent activity
  • Reporting capability according to your information needs

Leverage call centers for more than just support


Call centers can be used to conduct surveys at a large scale. Voxco IVR and CATI Software make it easy to conduct 1:1 or self complete surveys and manage large scale research projects. Read how Siena college leveraged Voxco’s omnichannel survey solution to make over 3 million calls and provide real-time insights into the House and Senate races!

Omnichannel feedback management

Call centers are an important touchpoint for customers, with a positive or negative interaction having the potential to influence how customers perceive your brand. Voxco’s telephony solutions (CATI and IVR surveys) allow contact centers to conduct phone surveys to gather customer feedback and get insights into possible problem areas for your business. Call Center quality assurance software can help understand where this key touchpoint can be improved, and if your customer experience is in line with customer expectations. Results can be seamlessly integrated with findings from online and face-to-face surveys to provide a holistic picture about your overall customer experience. 

Why Voxco

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