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How to deliver a personalized healthcare member experience?

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The rapid shift to consumer-centric healthcare has certainly forced healthcare providers to revamp the way of engaging with their members. As the healthcare marketplace has become immensely competitive, health plans are striving hard to improve their quality of services and deliver an exceptional member experience. 

According to research, 81% of patients are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience and they expect more transparency as well as quick response throughout their health journey. Therefore, health plans need to focus on providing relevant and personalized member experience for ensuring higher adoption, increased retention rates, reduced complaints, and improved STAR ratings & HEDIS scores. 

Moreover, customer experience scores (with an above-average value) can prevent members from easily switching their health plans, thereby saving up to $4 million dollars of revenue for the insurance companies. So, how to personalize your healthcare member experience? Let’s find out:

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Stay proactive with exclusive member onboarding

As complaints related to a new health plan usually occur soon after the initial enrollment, it’s imperative to stay proactive and build close-knit relationships with your members from the very beginning.

Once you’ve sent the ID cards and specific enrollment packages, you need to contact members and thank them for joining your plan. Also, you should confirm if they’ve received all of the materials and explain the related benefits. You should answer the questions that your members might have and tell them what they can expect from your plan.

As every member is unique, so are their communication preferences. It’s important to communicate with them in a unique way only! You should not restrict yourself to phone calls. By offering member ID cards digitally through email or mobile wallet, you can effortlessly build up a two-way text communication that works relentlessly for all members’ questions.

Leverage personal health data to create targeted content

To cater to your members’ needs effectively, you should use custom programs that are relevant to them. Integrating personal health data with sophisticated campaign management can streamline this process to a great extent. 

You should develop personalized communication streams for your members based on their specific health conditions. For instance, in the case of prediabetic members, you can share newsletters related to diabetes prevention, offer special discounts for gym memberships, or share personalized videos on how to stay healthy!   

You can set up targeted prevention campaigns especially for members who either miss their appointments or do not attend their annual wellness visits. Ensure engagement by discovering top-notch opportunities pertaining to various treatment options as well as ongoing special offers. Following this methodology not only makes the members realize that you care about them but also helps to reduce future claims.

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Select the right channel for approaching members

To get your members’ attention, it’s essential to identify the right channel of communication that they prefer to use. By considering factors like demographics, historical & third-party data, you can figure out the right channel for reaching out to the members. Also, it plays a pivotal role in reducing cost-per-engagement.

While email is the most cost-effective channel for communication, most of the members usually prefer direct mail for receiving information such as welcome kits, as per a Pitney Bowes study. However, before you target a channel, it’s essential to identify the ones that your members know, and are comfortable using on a regular basis.

Personalizing marketing moments through the right channel can empower you to deliver exceptional member experiences. This not only helps to boost STAR ratings but also lowers claims significantly. Voxco offers robust omnichannel healthcare solutions that help you reach out to your members anywhere, anytime.

Always stay in touch

It’s important to understand that member engagement is a continuous process and not a one-time event. You need to take care of your members across all strategic touchpoints throughout their journey for increasing their levels of engagement. This also minimizes the chances of your members moving to a competitor every time the Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) letter is shared.

Start making thank-you calls, sending birthday or anniversary greetings, and personalized notes related to your last conversation, instead of focussing on  “insurance-related” communications only. According to a study by TeleVox, 66% of patients who received either email, text, or voicemail from their healthcare providers, 51% of them felt more valued as a patient.

Don’t forget to solicit feedback

There’s no doubt that data from the CAPHS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey as well as the availability of care surveys play a key role in your STAR Ratings and HEDIS scores. But, it’s important to gather feedback from your members through other channels on a regular basis. 

Reaching out to your members and asking for feedback helps you identify and resolve the issues they’re facing. This will empower you to deliver a personalized experience that will boost member loyalty and your ratings too!  

Seek help

Creating a personalized membership experience can be challenging without an effective healthcare solution in place. By working with a best-in-class healthcare engagement partner like Voxco, you can uncover patient needs and pinpoint care quality improvement opportunities to deliver patient-centric care with ease!

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