Sentiment Analytics Tool

Analyze open-text feedback on autopilot

Use Advanced AI-based sentiment analysis to analyze million lines of customer feedback in real time. Understand customer pain points and strategize to enhance customer experiences.  

Understand the emotions behind text

Voxco Intelligence’s sentiment analytics tool leverages natural language processing, computational linguistics, and text analysis to scan through millions of unstructured text feedback in real-time and classify the hidden sentiment in text into– positive, negative, and neutral. Transform every word into a powerful insight. 

The Buyer’s Guide to Experience Management Platform

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Stay Ahead of the Curve with Trend Identification

Identifying emerging trends is a critical business requirement to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing market. Our sentiment analytics tool allows you to evaluate customer sentiment across a variety of platforms, including social media, review websites, and customer feedback forms, in order to spot patterns and new trends. 

Voxco Intelligence’s sentiment analytics tool analyses customer sentiment and gives organisations useful information using cutting-edge machine learning techniques. By predicting emerging trends before they become popular, the programme helps firms keep one step ahead of the competition by identifying major changes in customer opinion over time

Uncover experience trends

Leverage sentiment analytics to  detect pain points or opportunities in the customer journey without ever missing any vital insight. Identify customer pain points with real time trends analysis.

Text Analytics | Deep Dive into Topics | 

Uncover topics and quickly understand what matters to most

Customer engagement strategies to boost loyalty

Dashboard with role-based access

Create a specific dashboard with data and insight relevant to the right team or employee. Assign dashboards to the right person. Collaborate with stakeholders on decision-making.

Real-time Notifications | Role-Based Triggers | 

Alert, Assign and Collaborate

Optimize Operational Efficiency with AI-driven Insights

Voxco Intelligence’s sentiment analytics platform provides businesses with a powerful solution to optimize operational efficiency. Our solution helps pinpoint areas for process improvement by evaluating consumer sentiment at various points of the customer journey across numerous channels. Optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

Our sentiment analytics tools enable companies to streamline the process of identifying and addressing common grieviances. Furthermore, by examining consumer feedback and pinpointing areas for improvement, this technology assists firms in streamlining the product development processes. 

Stay in Control: Monitor Your Brand's Reputation with Sentiment Analytics

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to monitor your brand’s reputation to ensure that brand perception remains positive. Voxco Intelligence’s robust sentiment analytics solution helps you monitor what is being said about your business across a various platforms. Our application uses sentiment analysis to provide you with a thorough overview of how your brand is perceived. It also assists you in spotting customer pain points before they turn into serious concerns.

With Voxco Intelligence’s sentiment analytics tool, you gain valuable insights into your customers’ opinions and preferences. Our tool evaluates both positive and negative sentiment to help you determine what aspects of your brand resonate with your customers and what areas require improvement. This knowledge empowers firms to make data-driven decisions that will help them stay one step ahead of their competition and preserve their reputation. 

Our platform is easy to use and scalable, allowing you to quickly adapt it to your own requirements and preferences. Get control of your brand’s reputation by using the sentiment analytics tool from Voxco Intelligence.

Put Customer Sentiment at the Heart of Decision Making

Go beyond simply analysis. Unlock customer sentiment with Voxco Intelligence. 

Decode emotions in text

Uncover customers’ sentiments in their feedback. Split the sentiments to understand the root cause of the emotion the customer has shared.

Translate data into actionable insights

Analyze the true sentiment of your audience in real-time. Understand what matters the most for your customers, clients, or employees at the most relevant moment.

Prioritize issues: 

With sentiment analytics, you can assign sentiment scores to differentiate between minor and major issues and focus on high-priority issues. Sort recurring topics and visualize the sentiment split of any given topic or keyword.

Improve customer experience:

Boost positive experience by generating smart insights from the real voice of customers. Harness the sentiment analytics tool to make meaningful changes.

Experience the power of AI with Voxco Intelligence.

Receive real-time insights that drive impact within your organization.

Cultivate positive emotions across customer journey

Build 1:1 customer relationship

Faster Analysis: 

Leverage a powerful sentiment analytics tool that can automate the organization and analysis of large volumes of customer data across all touchpoints to enable a faster and more meaningful resolution to identified pain points.

Smarter Insights: 

AI-driven sentiment analytics tools help gather deeper insights into customer journey and experience to understand the reasons behind customer sentiments. It reveals the reasons for customer dissatisfaction and poor CX so that measures can be taken to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Boost Customer Experience: 

Sentiment analytics tools empower CX teams with real-time insights, enabling them to deliver personalized services to customers. It also helps identify key pain points within the customer journey so that they can be analyzed and eliminated to optimize customer experience. 

Align data to CX metrics: 

Integrate our sentiment analytics tool with customer experience programs such as VoC, NPS®, CSAT, or CX surveys. Reinforce your customer experience program with more profound and more valuable insights that are more effective at quantifying customer experience and improving it.

Modern tools for growing companies

Voxco Intelligence’s AI-driven sentiment analysis platform gives you tools to detect customer hotspots and take proactive actions.  

Automate insight generation:

No coding or manual analysis. Automate sentiment analytics of open text feedback to receive insights in real time.

Accurate insights: 

Scale and differentiate sentiments in incoming text feedback. Generate accurate insights across multiple channels in real-time.

Dynamic dashboard: 

Share the right information with the right person. Collaborate with other teams or stakeholders or create a role-based dashboard.

Omnichannel capability:

Integrate customer data from all sources. Never miss any customer feedback, opinion, or comment.

Flexible hosting:

SaaS or on-premise hosting for an easy customer feedback management platform. 

Sentiment Analytics Tool

Discover sentiment & uncover insights

Most of the feedback left by customers is in open-text form. And this unstructured data also contains the most useful and valuable insight. Our Sentiment Analytics tool leverages ML and NLP to analyze open-text feedback.

Listen to what your customers are saying and automate actionable insights.

Translate data into actionable insights

Analyze the true sentiment of your audience in real-time. Understand what matters the most for your customers, clients, or employees at the most relevant moment.

Learn about your customer’s real feeling

Our sentiment analytics tool scans through millions of unstructured text feedback and classifies the texts into-positive, negative, and neutral.

The text is further assigned sentiment scores as the responses come up in real-time. 

Uncover trends and prioritize topics

Powered by ML, our sentiment analytics tool identifies and uncovers trends from a large volume of text before they become problematic.

Sort recurring topics and visualize the sentiment split of any given topic or keyword. 

Insights for all

Assign dashboards to the right person. Leverage the powerful role-based dashboard that enables everyone in your team to find the correct information quickly. 

The dashboard offers various options for a visual representation of the data.

Work in collaboration

Share the active link with your team to enable everyone to collaborate.

You can also leave a comment on a chart and initiate a conversation with the other members.

Learn and grow with our sentiment analytics tool

In survey responses, you may see a gap between the experience score and the feedback that follows. This gap is often overlooked.

With our sentiment analytics tool, you can look past those scores and learn what your customers actually want to tell you.  

Automate insight generation:

No coding or manual analysis. Automate the analysis of incoming text feedback to enable your team to make faster and wiser decisions.  

Understand customers across various programs:

Integrate our sentiment analytics tool with VoC, NPS®, CSAT, or CX surveys. Reinforce your CX program with deeper and valuable insights.  

Improve customer experience with effective actions:

Generate smart insights by analyzing the real voice of customers. Harness the sentiment analytics tool to empower your teams with the right data and enable them to design effective strategies.  

Omnichannel platform:

Never miss any text feedback on any channel and from any customer. Regardless of the channel customers use to share their feedback, always stay up-to-date on sentiment analysis. 

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