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What is a Call Center Metrics Dashboard?

Call centers have undergone several advancements over the last couple of decades. From simple offices with dedicated phone lines and agents aimed at solving customer issues, Call centers are now capable of a whole lot more. 

Call center metrics dashboards help track several KPIs which determine how your call center is performing.

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Why use call center metrics dashboards?

It’s important for call centers to determine if they’re performing up to expectations. Expectations of clients, callers and of their management team. There is a need to determine if the ROI of your call center is worth it, and if this ROI can be improved. Call center metrics dashboards can help gauge important metrics that give an idea of your call centers’ performance. You can use these metrics as benchmarks to improve upon, and to maintain quality standards.

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Who can use call center metrics dashboards?

Management at call centers

Management at call centers

Tracking agent performance in your call centers can be a tricky affair. There are many metrics to gauge different aspects of their call centers’ performance. Supervisors can leverage call center metrics dashboards and track pre-defined agent KPIs. Dashboards can also show supervisors if things are going awry, and give them the option to jump in and rescue the situation.



Survey research powered by IVR survey software or CATI software leverage telephony solutions at a large scale to uncover insights. Call center metrics dashboards can help survey supervisors keep an eye on individual agents as they conduct live surveys.

Metrics dashboards can also help track the performance of IVR surveys, and use the data to make improvements to the process.

Sales and Marketing teams

Sales and Marketing teams

Sales and marketing departments can leverage call center metrics dashboards to see if their sales campaigns are working as expected, and how customers are responding to their efforts. Negative responses can be tracked for further improvement down the line.

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Metrics to track for gauging call center success

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Even though customer satisfaction seems like an intangible entity, it can be quantified. CSAT, NPS and CES surveys can help gauge various aspects of your customer experience and track customer satisfaction at key touchpoints. For example, after disconnecting from a call with a customer service agent, callers can be approached via email or SMS or push notification to leave feedback about their interaction with your support teams. This gives direct insight into your operations at a critical touchpoint.

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Customer retention

First Call Resolution

This KPI has a huge impact on overall customer satisfaction and experience with your organization. It helps measure agent effectiveness at dealing with issues. It tracks how many issues are resolved by an agent within the first call itself. Back and forth calls between a customer and an agent implies that there are productivity gains to be made. This can be a subjective metric, and customers can have varying levels of satisfaction with their interaction even if their problem was resolved. NPS surveys can help gather more detail about the same.

Average Handle Time

Average Handle Time

This refers to how long your agent typically spends on the phone handling customer queries. Call center metrics dashboards can help track this KPI, the ideal parameters for which varies from business to business. One shouldn’t really look at getting the lowest time possible, as agents do need time to handle the callers’ issue in an effective manner.

Customer retention 1

Customer retention

This KPI refers to how many customers are retained from scenarios in which they placed a call to terminate their relationship with your organization. Dashboards can show agents who are performing well in this criteria.

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Call center metrics dashboard by Voxco

Customer reports

Custom reports

Uncover insights and create comprehensive reports for key stakeholders with Voxco’s call center metrics dashboard. Highlight areas of improvement (or concern) and study trends to understand customer preferences better.

Quick crosstabs and analysis

Quick crosstabs and analysis

Create any type of crosstab using drag and drop functionality. Automatic stat testing that also color codes cells wherever statistical significance is detected. Run stats analysis, apply weighting and clean survey respondent data all from one dashboard.

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One click visual analytics

One click visual analytics

A single click is all it takes to turn crosstabs into visual charts. Get a complete understanding of key metrics with our call center metrics dashboards, with real-time data being added whenever available.

Secure sharing

Secure sharing

Voxco’s call center metrics dashboard comes equipped with a key findings portal that allows supervisors and managers to share their most important findings with key stakeholders. Users can interact with their charts, dashboards and crosstabs and grant different levels of permissions.

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Why choose Voxco's for your call center?

Premium service and support

Premium customer support and service

Our best in class support teams are there for you whenever you need them to help get the most from our platform, and to help minimize call center downtime.

Flexible hosting

Secure and flexible hosting

Choose to store your data securely in the cloud or on your hosting premises, as per your convenience.

Omnichannel 01

Omnichannel capability

Leverage Voxco’s platform to reach your callers for feedback across any channel. Sync feedback from all channels on to a centralized call center metrics dashboard and uncover insights into customer thinking.

Powerful survey capability

Powerful survey capability

Voxco offers powerful feedback management and survey capabilities. Use our platform to conduct phone as well as online surveys and sync data centrally.


Call center metrics dashboard FAQs

You can use call center metrics dashboards to monitor your call center performance in real time.

Voxco allows you to monitor all the calls in your contact center.

A few KPIs you should track of are

  • Average handle time
  • Resolution rate
  • Customer satisfaction
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