Call Center Metrics Dashboard

Improve call center productivity and agent performance by tracking important 

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What is a Call Center Metrics Dashboard?

Call centers have undergone several advancements over the last couple of decades. From simple offices with dedicated phone lines and agents aimed at solving customer issues, Call centers are now capable of a whole lot more. 

Call center metrics dashboards help track several KPIs which determine how your call center is performing.

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Why use call center metrics dashboards?

It’s important for call centers to determine if they’re performing up to expectations. Expectations of clients, callers and of their management team. There is a need to determine if the ROI of your call center is worth it, and if this ROI can be improved. Call center metrics dashboards can help gauge important metrics that give an idea of your call centers’ performance. You can use these metrics as benchmarks to improve upon, and to maintain quality standards.

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Who can use call center metrics dashboards?

Management at call centers
Sales and Marketing teams
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Metrics to track for gauging call center success

Customer Satisfaction
Customer retention
Average Handle Time
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Call center metrics dashboard by Voxco

Customer reports
Quick crosstabs and analysis
One click visual analytics
Secure sharing
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Call center metrics dashboard FAQs

You can use call center metrics dashboards to monitor your call center performance in real time.

Voxco allows you to monitor all the calls in your contact center.

A few KPIs you should track of are

  • Average handle time
  • Resolution rate
  • Customer satisfaction
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