Call Center Software

Call Center Software that transforms your contact center to provide exceptional support and forge strong customer relationships. Provide seamless omnichannel support, conduct sophisticated survey research, improve agent engagement, enhance call center productivity with extensive quality assurance and security measures

Omnichannel, Cloud-based Call Center Software Designed for Global Consumers

Voxco Research Cloud/ Voxco’s Telephony solutions provide your agents with comprehensive cloud-based dialer technology for IVR and CATI. Powerful Analytics tools help you make the most of customer data, and personalize experiences like never before.

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What is call center software?

Call center softwares allows organizations all around the world to handle their customer queries or conduct survey research on a large scale. Call center softwares is used to resolve customer queries via email, social media, live chat or phone. Using a call center software, organizations can automate the inbound and outbound calls, automatically route the calls to agents based on the agent skill set and provide a seamless customer experience.  

Why do you need a call center software?

Meet the Rising Customer Expectations 

Customer expectations for support have been increasing. The average speed to answer an incoming customer query is 28 seconds while 80% of all call center calls are generally answered within 20 seconds. With such high expectations, call centers need to use efficient call center software with advanced features to ensure efficient customer query resolution. 

Reduce Operating Costs 

Call center software helps businesses reduce their operating cost by maximizing agent productivity and improving the efficiency of the process by automation. Call center software provides features like screen pop-ups, call monitoring, automatic call routing or IVR, to increase call center productivity.

Provide Exceptional Customer Experience 

92% of organizations that view customer experience as a differentiator offer multiple contact channels.

Call center software allows businesses to offer omnichannel customer support. A customer can message their question via email, explain the query on phone and receive an answer via social media text.

Enhance Agent Retention Rate 

Call center software can increase agent engagement by providing remote training options, improving agent performance by immediate and direct feedback. With efficient performance tracking systems, agents can get recognized for their efforts which reduces the churn rate. 

How can Voxco’s Call Center Software help drive calling productivity?

Improve call center productivity by as much as 50% with our omni channel cloud based call center software. Voxco’s dialer works dynamically with your call center, with predictive dialing to continually adjust the pacing of calls to match agent availability!

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Minimize Downtime with Software Transition Services

The Voxco team works round-the-clock to ensure agents transition in batches to minimize downtime. We know call center software, and can replicate your existing setup and preferences onto Voxco’s Call Center Software seamlessly.

Professional Services to ensure you deliver excellent Customer Experiences

With over 25 years of experience behind us, we are experts in all things telephony. Our knowledgeable professional services team can help you get the most out of our Cloud Based Call Center Software and ensure your operations are at peak performance!

CATI Surveys

Conduct live 1:1 interviews through telephone, with your agents guided by a questionnaire and recording answers on a computer. Conduct research surveys anytime at scale, and integrate Voxco CATI survey software with a telephony system of your choice.

IVR Surveys

State-of-the-art IVR survey software can empower you to conduct easy and cost-effective self-completion surveys and reach out to a broad audience. Survey mode allows respondents to answer questionnaires via their keypad. Messaging mode allows you to broadcast messages for your customer satisfaction programs.

Manage and Synchronize Feedback from all channels

Manage feedback from multiple channels- online, face-to-face and telephonic and seamlessly combine data for a holistic picture into your customer experience

Call Center Software Solutions

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Deliver better customer service consistently, optimize call center operations to help improve overall customer experience and customer satisfaction at critical touchpoints.

Why Switch to Voxco for Call Center Software?

Better productivity

Voxco CATI, IVR and Cloud-dialer come equipped with powerful features like in-call routing, call blending, flexible quotas, etc. that give you a leg up over the competition!

Manual Dialing

US based call centers can get access to a productive manual dialing environment with Voxco TCPA Connect! Read more about Voxco TCPA here.


Flexible, omnichannel, cloud based call center software allows us to scale our services to meet your requirements perfectly. There’s no one size fits all approach for our customers!

Better productivity

With Voxco, all you need is a single provider and support/licensing agreement and not have to worry about compatibility issues with other telephony systems!

Better monitoring to improve organizational efficiency

Real-time dashboards with live insights

Voxco’s Cloud Based Call Center Software comes equipped with an intuitive dashboard that provides a live feed on agent productivity. Gauge how much time your agents spend on activities like talking, pauses, number of calls handled, and more.

Real-time does not call list filtration.

Voxco Call Center Dialer gives call centers another level of control over phone numbers that can’t be called or contacted. Our dialer seamlessly filters our DNC numbers. 

Live project productivity

Get live insights into how individual agents and projects are faring with details like the average delay between calls, drop rates, call distribution, talk time per hour and more.

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Be Remote Ready with Voxco CATI: Engage Agents, Supervisors & Respondents

Learn how you can adopt an effective WFH strategy to stay ahead of the curve, improve contact center productivity while providing seamless CX with remote agents.

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