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Improve agent and respondent experience using best-in-class cloud contact center software by Voxco! Transform your contact center operations to leapfrog geographical limitations – for customers as well as employees!

What is a Cloud Contact Center Software?

A cloud contact center software is responsible for handling all inbound and outbound communications of a company with its customers. It’s a solution that comes with an extensive suite of tools and applications for delivering exceptional customer service across various channels such as voice, SMS, email, and social media.

A cloud contact center software is considered to be more cost-efficient and flexible than on-premise contact center software. As this software isn’t confined to a physical location, it allows businesses to hire agents anywhere across the world. Also, organizations don’t have to pay huge maintenance costs for using cloud contact center software.

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Why is cloud contact center software better than traditional contact center software?

Ultimate Flexibility - No Geographical Limitations

As the agents can work remotely, a cloud contact center software has the flexibility to hire people across the globe. Without geographical limitations, the accessible talent pool becomes wide. This further improves the quality of remote agents.

Minimal Setup & Low Maintenance Costs

The cloud contact center software comes without any hardware requirements. As there are no setup costs involved in this software along with no servers or computers (unlike on-premise contact center software), the maintenance cost reduces significantly.

Less Dependency on Servers

Cloud contact center software enables the call center to easily access Public Switched Telephone Network, thereby improving agents’ call voice quality while minimizing the call drops. As internet connectivity of agents has no role in the call quality, this reduces the dependency on local agent’s servers.

Reduced Agent Turnover

By offering a work-from-home environment along with real-time coaching, this user-friendly software provides flexibility to the agents, improving their overall satisfaction. This increase in agent engagement and satisfaction reduces the turnover rate. 

How investing in Cloud Contact Center Software can help businesses improve Customer Experience?

Providing relevant information

Customers usually come to a call when they’re frustrated with the poor service they’ve received earlier. As the agent’s job is to solve customer issues quickly, switching between multiple backend systems and contact channels can cause human errors, duplicated efforts, and even higher average response times. Using cloud contact center software empowers agents to provide the right information at the right time, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Matching the right agent to the right customer

In today’s time, customers can get in touch with a brand through multiple channels like web, mobile, email, live chat, interactive voice response, social channels, etc. This plays a key role in gaining access to huge pools of data that can effortlessly reveal actionable insights. While old-school contact center servers are unable to parse the customer information available at their end, cloud contact center software leverages demographic, behavioral, as well as location-based customer information for matching an agent’s skills as per the customer’s needs. This helps to boost customer satisfaction to a great extent.

Assigning channels as per agents’ proficiency

In every contact center, there are some agents who can handle a certain type of customer interaction better than others. Using cloud contact center software helps to automatically route customers according to the agent’s skills. It also helps to boost productivity by seamlessly identifying agents’ downtime and schedule calls based on their availability.

What are the benefits of using Voxco’s Cloud Contact Center Software?

Intelligent routing

Voxco’s cloud contact center software comes with an intelligent routing system that ensures calls are transferred according to agent experience and availability.

Cost-effective IVR surveys and messaging

Voxco’s state-of-the-art IVR system offers a cost-effective solution for easily managing your call queue and conducting self-completion surveys.

Enhanced interview capabilities

With exceptional capabilities like a direct conference (that enables other people to join into a conversation directly) and transfer out (that transfers a respondent who wants to speak to someone else), your agents are powered with all the tools they need to handle a situation.

Powerful Analytics

Voxco’s cloud contact center software comes equipped with robust analytics tools that seamlessly transform customer feedback into relevant and actionable insights. Know your customers well by creating a visual story with your data. Learn more about our analytics software here.

Omnichannel feedback management

As 67% of customers can happily pay more for a great CX, our contact center software can be leveraged for conducting CATI surveys and IVR surveys, thereby quantifying your customer experience

Productivity monitoring tools

Voxco’s cloud contact center software lets you monitor your agents closely through live productivity dashboards and make all required adjustments immediately. Plus, you can create customizable productivity reports for gaining insights into key areas.

Improve Patient Experience with Voxco’s Cloud Contact Center Software

Voxco lets you move beyond the limitations of HCAHPS surveys. Get ready to deliver patient-centric care with exceptional healthcare surveys powered by our Cloud Contact Center Software (Voxco CATI and IVR Software). Reach out to patients of all age groups and overcome demographic limitations with interactive phone surveys by Voxco. Gather patient feedback to elevate their experience and improve your STAR ratings!

Know more about improving patient experience here!

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Why switch to Voxco for Cloud Contact Center Software?

Premium support

We pride ourselves on delivering round-the-clock support and guidance so that our clients can truly get the most from our cloud contact center software.

Extensive feature set

Voxco CATI, IVR, and Cloud-dialer consist of powerful features such as call blending, in-call routing, flexible quotas, etc. that help you stay ahead of the competition!

Limitless Scalability

Voxco’s flexible cloud contact center software solutions help you to scale up with an increase in demand, as and when required. We don't follow a one size fits all approach!

Omnichannel reach

Cloud Contact Center Software aside, our best-in-class platform can empower you to effectively reach your target audience across multiple channels.

Single Vendor Advantage

With Voxco, you don’t have to worry about inter-system compatibility anymore as there’s a single provider and support/licensing agreement.

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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries

Great Research
Fast Insights
Best-in-class ROI

Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries