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What is a Cloud Contact Center Software?

A cloud contact center software is responsible for handling all inbound and outbound communications of a company with its customers. It’s a solution that comes with an extensive suite of tools and applications for delivering exceptional customer service across various channels such as voice, SMS, email, and social media.

A cloud contact center software is considered to be more cost-efficient and flexible than on-premise contact center software. As this software isn’t confined to a physical location, it allows businesses to hire agents anywhere across the world. Also, organizations don’t have to pay huge maintenance costs for using cloud contact center software.

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Why is cloud contact center software better than traditional contact center software?

How investing in Cloud Contact Center Software can help businesses improve Customer Experience?

Providing relevant information

Customers usually come to a call when they’re frustrated with the poor service they’ve received earlier. As the agent’s job is to solve customer issues quickly, switching between multiple backend systems and contact channels can cause human errors, duplicated efforts, and even higher average response times. Using cloud contact center software empowers agents to provide the right information at the right time, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Matching the right agent to the right customer

In today’s time, customers can get in touch with a brand through multiple channels like web, mobile, email, live chat, interactive voice response, social channels, etc. This plays a key role in gaining access to huge pools of data that can effortlessly reveal actionable insights. While old-school contact center servers are unable to parse the customer information available at their end, cloud contact center software leverages demographic, behavioral, as well as location-based customer information for matching an agent’s skills as per the customer’s needs. This helps to boost customer satisfaction to a great extent.

Assigning channels as per agents’ proficiency

In every contact center, there are some agents who can handle a certain type of customer interaction better than others. Using cloud contact center software helps to automatically route customers according to the agent’s skills. It also helps to boost productivity by seamlessly identifying agents’ downtime and schedule calls based on their availability.

What are the benefits of using Voxco’s Cloud Contact Center Software?

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Why switch to Voxco for Cloud Contact Center Software?

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