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What is Digital CX?

Digital Customer Experience

Ensuring an excellent digital customer experience can be tricky but an effective guide can help.


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In the new digital age, 4.75 billion people are online on the Internet. Customer’s increasing engagement with different digital channels, where they can publicize positive and negative news about your brand is increasing the challenge for companies. 

Digital CX is far different than CX. Although it overlaps with CX, customers have different expectations and needs when it comes to digital CX. 71% of customers expect a consistent experience across all digital channels. They expect a personalized experience from brands using digital technologies. 

These customer expectations have set the bar of customer satisfaction high but have also created opportunities for companies to embrace digital transformation. 56% of company leaders, CEOs, say they have seen growth in revenue due to digital improvement. 

With the increasing use of digital channels by customers, it is up to the companies to provide excellent digital CX that satisfies their expectations.

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What is Digital CX?

Digital CX is the overall experience your customers have while interacting with your brand through your website or mobile apps. It informs about the impact a customer’s digital interaction has on their journey and perception of your company. As your business shifts into digital platforms, touchpoints in the digital customer journey have a great influence on how they perceive your company. 

Some examples of digital channels used by customers to interact with your company are: 

  • Social media channels
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Company website
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital kiosks

Companies need to prioritize improving the digital CX across these digital channels. Customers expect a hassle-free experience across all digital channels. They expect a smooth transition between different channels and a personalized experience from your brand.

Digital CX Vs Customer Experience

Digital CX is a part of the Customer Experience umbrella. Both types aim to prioritize customer satisfaction by improving customer experience. 

Customers fall in love with companies that treat them like family. They don’t simply buy a product from your brand but buy a complete experience. The experience they have with your brand, the feeling and bond they generate with your company influences their future purchase decision. Therefore, making the customer experience is one vital element for a successful business. 

  • CX includes in-store experience and the experience customers have when they use digital interfaces to interact with companies. 
  • Digital CX focuses on the latter part of CX. Companies with digital business see if their website is loading at the proper speed, if customers can access their customer service through an app, if the social media is regularly updated, etc. 

Strategies and campaigns used to improve CX cannot be of much use when it comes to digital CX. However, the ultimate aim of digital CX is to give customers the same warmth and human connection that they feel when they visit a brick-and-mortar store.

What makes Digital CX important?

Every now and then new businesses pop up offering similar products and services. As for the result; customers have thousands of companies to choose from, some offering products at a cheaper price.

A customer looking to buy a mobile phone has more than 10 websites and mobile apps at their disposal. So, what can you do to make your digital business stand apart from the rest? 

You can compete with digital CX. Providing great service, improving customer experience throughout all digital touchpoints can give your company the edge to become a superior brand. 


You need to make sure your customers are not stuck in their login process, or their payment process. Customers should not have to repeat their address every time they make a purchase. Your website design may be visually pleasing but if it takes too much time to load a page, customers won’t be pleased. 

All these factors make digital CX more important for the business. 

  • Your customers don’t think about the difference between online and offline experiences. They want consistency throughout their journey. They want all the channels to perform well when they want to interact with your customers. So, customers only care about the experience they receive from digital businesses when they use your apps or website.

How to collect feedback to improve Digital CX?

You need data to improve customer experience. Similarly for digital CX you need customer insight from different sources to improve the customer experience. 

The following methods can be used to collect customer insight for the purpose of improving digital CX.


What better way to learn about the customer experience than to ask customers themselves?  You can use an NPS® , a CSAT, or a CES survey on your website or app. Set up a simple digital CX survey in the touchpoints you want to collect feedback. Start with a small survey instead of bombarding customers with too many questions.  You can add a satisfaction question at the end of a webinar or a blog article. You can also add a star rating question after completing the payment process. You can collect some general, quantifiable feedback from customers and follow up with them if necessary.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics helps collect data about sources of traffic, drop-off points, and high-performing pages. You can identify where most of your customers are coming from, i.e., social media or your ads. 

You can also learn which blogs are attracting high traffic. This can tell you what most of your customers like to read. 

If customers are complaining about the checking-out point in their customer journey, you can use analytics to look into the page and see how many drop-offs there have been. This way you can improve the page response before more customers complain and leave your brand for some other company.


To measure the digital CX for your digital business you can use NPS® , CSAT, and CES to collect customer feedback.

A good Digital CX refers to when your website or app offers a proactive, fast, frictionless, and responsive experience to your customers. The customers experience a cohesive and seamless transition as they switch channels when they interact with your brand.

Digital Transformation implies the introduction of digital technologies in a business. It transforms traditional businesses into digital businesses to meet the changing marketing and customer requirements.