Everything you need to know about A2P 10DLC Changes

Disclaimer: These changes are not related to Voxco. We are providing this information to inform our clients of the changes. For further info, please contact your SMS API provider Twilio. 

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What is going to change with A2P 10 DLC messaging?

A2P 10DLC will now allow businesses, even those with large customer bases, to communicate with their customers via text messaging. This was previously not easy for businesses due to heightened filtering and limited throughput.

10DLC numbers will now allow businesses that fall in the middle ground between short codes and toll-free long codes in terms of their message volume and budget

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Deadline for registration (Important dates)

On April 1st, 2021, registration for A2P 10DLC begins, and companies can begin registering their brand and campaign(s) from this day onward.

On May 1st, 2021, AT&T’s campaign-based fee schedule will be enforced for users on their network. This will increase the per-message fees of those who remain unregistered past this date.

By June 1st, 2021, companies must complete registration, in order to avoid additional filtering. Past this date, AT&T will increase filtering/blocking of non-registered 10DLC traffic sent to AT&T users.


What is A2P 10DLC?

A2P 10DLC is “Application-to-Person 10-digit long code” messaging. 10-digit long code messaging which refers to messaging via 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers, was initially designed for Person-to-Person (P2P) traffic only but now with the A2P 10DLC system, businesses too will be allowed to employ 10DLC messaging in order to communicate with their customers. U.S carriers will now offer the same to encourage the growth of businesses communicating with their consumers through text messages while also protecting the consumers from unwanted messages. 

Businesses were limited in many ways from using 10-digit long code texting to reach out to consumers due to heightened filtering and limited throughput. However, starting April 1st 2021, independent software vendors (ISV) must register their customers for Application-to-Person 10DLC capabilities to be able to send messages in the United States over 10-digit long codes.

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How does A2P 10DLC work?

There are two processes in the new A2P 10DLC system:

  • Brand Registration: Who the business is
  • Campaign Registration: What type of messages the business is sending

Once these two registrations are complete, a business can employ the use of A2P 10DLC.

Brand Registration

Brand registration must be done by first creating a primary customer profile. In order to validate the business identity, the business only has to register once.

The business will be required to include general information as well as business information.

  • General information comprises metadata such as Business name and business address.
  • Business information, on the other hand, comprises information on Business type and ID, as well as the business’ identity within the ecosystem.

After this customer profile is created, the brand can be registered for A2P 10DLC capabilities. Once brand registration is complete, the campaign registry gives the brand a rating. This rating influences the maximum message throughput that will be allocated to each of the brand’s campaigns.

Campaign Registration

Every campaign represents a different use case. This use case defines the kind of messages the business wants to send. Use cases may vary from customer care to fraud alerts to social updates. Businesses can register for campaigns once they have completed their brand registration.

Wireless Carriers Launching 10DLC

The following are the wireless carriers launching A2P 10DLC:

  • Verizon: Verizon implemented the commercial use of A2P 10DLC in April of 2019. 
  • AT&T: AT&T, America’s largest telecommunications company, will introduce A2P 10DLC from April 1st, with registrations closing on June 1st.

Past June 1st, unregistered traffic will be blocked to protect AT&T users from unregistered and unwanted traffic.

  • T-Mobile/Sprint: T-Mobile will also require the registration of companies under the new system of  A2P 10DLC in order to avoid additional filtering. 

The initial date of registrations was March 1st 2021 but has since been pushed. T-mobile will provide 30 days notice before the new date.

Other carriers are also testing their solution and will likely introduce A2P 10DLC soon after too.

What information is required for registration?

The following information is required to register for A2P 10 DLC:

  • Business Information
    • Business Name
    • Physical Address (Street, City, State/Province/Region, Postal Code, Country)
    • Business Identity (Direct Customer or ISV/Reseller/Partner)
    • Business Type (Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Corporation /Co-Operative/LLC/Non-Profit)
    • Company Status (Private/Public)
      • Stock Ticker & Exchange (if Public)
    • Business Registration Number/Tax EIN & Type (DUNS or Business License)
    • Industry
    • Website
    • Regions of Operations
  • Points of Contact
    • Name
    • Email
    • Title
    • Phone Number
    • Job Position (Director/VP/GM/General Counsel/CEO/CFO)

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What fees are associated with the A2P 10DLC service?

  • Verizon

Verizon’s surcharge in Euros and in US Dollars is €0.00208 and $.0025, respectively.

  •  AT&T

AT&T’s pass through fee for registered traffic will be $0.003 (€0.00249) per SMS.

Between March 1st 2021 and June 1st 2021 unregistered traffic will have a pass through fee of $0.004 in USD and €0.00332 in Euros. Past June 1st, 2021, unregistered traffic will be blocked.

  • T-Mobile/Sprint

T-Mobile will have a pass through fees of  $0.003 in USD or 0.00249 Euros.

  • US Cellular

SMS is 0.005 USD per message unit, and MMS is 0.010 USD per message unit.


Do I need to buy new phone numbers to use this A2P 10DLC service?

There is no limitation on the number of phone numbers that can be registered against one campaign. New phone numbers do not have to be bought in order to use the A2P 10DLT service.

What happens if I don’t register?

Past registration dates, filtration increases and unregistered traffic is blocked.

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