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Why do you need to return to work?

Return to work surveys are framed towards knowing what your workforce thinks about returning to work after a huge break. In this article, we will go through some survey templates and questions which you can ask to understand below listed aspects:

  • Readiness of the workforce to get back to work
  • Staff’s take on returning to work with the pandemic going on
  • Employee health
  • Commuting or work from home comfort

Exploratory Research Guide

Conducting exploratory research seems tricky but an effective guide can help.

Return to work survey template

  • How ready are you to return to normal work from the office?

  • What are your concerns with regards to returning to work from office?

  • Do you have any other concerns that weren’t listed above?

  • Rate the following statements on the scale of “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree” about the topic.


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