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If your research relies on outbound dialing, predictive dialers are your best call center technology. This auto-dialer accelerates phone calling and facilitates the process of engaging the target audience. The predictive dialing software helps you gear up with scaling communication for your survey research in today’s hyper-connected world. 

In this blog, we will look into nine benefits of an outbound predictive dialer in surveying your target audience.

What is an outbound predictive dialer?

An outbound predictive dialer is an automated calling software that uses an algorithm to predict when a caller agent will be available for the next call. This ensures that during a survey project, your agents can reach a large pool of respondents in less time. 

By predicting when a survey agent will be available, the dialer minimizes downtime, maximizes agent productivity, and increases the number of completed surveys. The dialer is particularly valuable when gathering data from a large sample size is essential for obtaining statistically significant results.

9 Benefits of outbound predictive dialers

Let’s explore some benefits of outbound predictive dialers in survey research. 

01. Increasing productivity with higher call connectivity:

Using the algorithms, the predictive dialer determines the call duration and screens answering machines to assign connected calls to specific agents. Predictive dialing software also detects the ratio of connected and unconnected calls and works around it to ensure agents only connect with a live audience. 

With a constant stream of calls, the agents engage more audiences and gather more data. 

02. Boosting agent efficiency: 

One of the benefits of predictive dialers is that it automatically dial the next number and control the dialing speed, which contributes to boosting an agent’s efficiency. The dialer predicts when the agent will complete the ongoing call and determines the best time to make the next call. 

This ensures that the next call is connected to a live audience, and the agent doesn’t waste time manually going through the list of numbers. This reduces repeated work and idle time, allowing you to swiftly gather insights from target respondents. 

03. Higher survey completion rate:

The predictive dialing software ensures that you don’t have to wait for busy signals, answering machines, or incorrect numbers. Intelligence call routing and the lack of manual work means you can focus on engaging the audience for their feedback. 

You can quickly reach a large audience in a shorter span of time. This helps you gather survey data and complete research campaigns faster. 

04. Lower operational costs:

Cloud-based predictive dialing software boosts efficiency, which leads to another benefit of predictive dialer, that is, it reduces operational costs. The dialer eliminates idle time and lowers call abandonment rates, which reduces the cost of the voice channel. 

Less manual work, lower human error, and less downtime mean you need fewer agents to handle the call volume. Moreover, the dialer can connect to your existing network and requires no additional installation. This makes the predictive call center dialer a budget-friendly option.

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05. Scaling workforce according to business needs:

You can’t list down the benefits of predictive dialers without talking about scalability. More and more companies are migrating to cloud-based predictive dialing software as it allows them the flexibility and agility to adjust the software to their business needs. 

You can scale the software based on your need to increase or decrease agent capacity. The cloud-based dialer streamlines the process and increases efficiency since agents no longer have to navigate across multiple platforms or systems. 

06. Increasing customer satisfaction:

Thanks to predictive dialers, customers are not bothered by too many calls at odd hours. The dialer contacts customers at a convenient time and at a lower rate. Moreover, it also resolves the issue of multiple agents calling the same customers at the same time. 

The dialer schedules a call to ensure that the customer does not get disturbed by untimely or repeated calls. It enhances customer satisfaction, enabling you to engage a customer at the right time. 

07. Monitoring call quality:

With a robust, real-time dashboard, you can monitor how your agents are performing. The benefit of predictive dialers is that they also allow you to whisper or barge on a live call to assist the agent in their conversation. 

You can also generate performance reports on individual agents to gauge their productivity in real-time. Monitor live or recorded calls to evaluate agents’ skills and customer service quality. 

08. Empowering employees to work from anywhere:

Cloud-based predictive dialing software enables your agents to stay connected from any location. It allows you to work remotely, thus empowering agents to make calls anytime and from anywhere. 

You don’t have to pause your survey campaigns or hire additional agents. A cloud-based outbound dialer ensures top-of-the-line engagement for customers and productivity for agents. 

09. Improving compliance:

When a customer registers their telephone number on the DNC registry, the DNC laws prohibit any business from calling the number. While it is difficult for agents to keep up with the DNC list, a predictive dialer automatically excludes the blocked numbers. 

The benefit of predictive dialers is that it lets you cross-reference do-not-call (DNC) lists and filter them to help you comply with complex and changing regulations.

Now that we have listed the many ways predictive dialing software streamlines survey campaigns and increases productivity let’s see how different industries can benefit from it.

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Outbound predictive dialers use cases across different industries

 There are several ways that different industries can benefit from using predictive dialing software. Let’s look at some use cases. 

1. Market Research: 

Market research companies can leverage this dialer to explore new markets and evaluate customer demands and trends. 

Market researchers commonly use outbound predictive dialers to conduct surveys as it helps them connect with many respondents personally. Along with a personalized approach, it allows you to gather data in real-time from a representative sample. 

2. Political polling: 

Political campaigns leverage this type of dialer to gather options on political issues to understand voter sentiment, which helps them shape campaign strategies. 

3. Healthcare: 

Healthcare organizations use outbound predictive dialers to conduct patient satisfaction surveys after key interactions. The feedback helps the organization improve its services and patient experience. 

4. Financial instituion:

The dialer helps financial institutions gather insights on banking surveys related to services, customer preferences, and satisfaction levels. 

5. Retail:

Retailers can use outbound predictive dialers to gather feedback after important touchpoints to gather insights on relevant experiences in real time. The dialer can help you reach the right customer in person and capture their option on specific products, preferences, pain points, and pricing.

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As organizations continue to innovate ways to stay ahead of the competition, outbound predictive dialers offer the efficiency to increase productivity and customer engagement. Automating the dialing process allows you to make the most of your resources, ensuring agents spend more time interacting with respondents than navigating unproductive calls.

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