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All you need to know about the Customer Loyalty Surveys

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In today’s time, most businesses focus on fulfilling customer needs and adding a unique value through their products, services, or experience. If you fail to deliver what your customers need, they will probably switch to your competitors. So how to check if your customers are satisfied with your products or services? How to determine if the product or service you’re delivering works for them or not? How can you improve them? That’s where the need for a customer loyalty survey arises. In this article, we will discuss what customer loyalty surveys are and the essential questions that you need to include in your customer loyalty surveys for getting the feedback you need. Let’s start:

What do you mean by a Customer Loyalty Survey?

A customer loyalty survey is a survey designed for measuring customers’ perceptions about a business. By uncovering the experiences that customers have with a particular business, it helps to determine their level of loyalty. While it’s not possible for a customer feedback survey to cover all important aspects of your customer experience, it gives you actionable insights into how happy or frustrated your customers are with your business at key touchpoints of their journey. 

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Why Customer Loyalty Surveys matter to your business?

Customer Loyalty Survey

Happy and satisfied customers are the lifeblood of every successful business. In today’s competitive digital landscape, there are numerous leading brands as well as hungry startups who are ready to attract your customers by offering them what they need. The key differentiator that can help businesses attract customers is offering an exceptional customer experience. If your competitor has been offering a similar product as your company, customers will prefer the one which delivers better service and the other would be left behind. 

While many organizations understand this, they still assume that their customers are satisfied without even asking them. Guessing what products, features, or services your customers would value isn’t as easy as it seems. Customer loyalty surveys make it easy for you to listen to your customers. By asking customers what they think about your services, it helps you understand them completely. There are various types of customer loyalty surveys available that you can select according to your needs.

Determining customer loyalty through customer experience surveys

There are three types of customer experience surveys that can help to determine customer loyalty. These surveys follow a “one question” format and ask customers to rate a business on a given scale.


CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Score helps you effectively measure how happy or satisfied your customers are with your brand, or some particular product or service. Since the number of happy customers isn’t directly related to revenue growth, so this type of survey doesn’t always work.


NPS® or Net Promoter Score® is a highly popular questionnaire used for determining customer loyalty. It asks customers the following question – “how likely are you to recommend our company to your friends and colleagues?” The answer to this question helps in measuring customer loyalty and their chances of referring you. For calculating your NPS® , you need to subtract the percentage of detractors (who give you a rating of 6 or below) from that of promoters (who give you a rating of 9 or 10).


CES or Customer Effort Score is used for measuring a different angle of the customer experience, i.e. how easy or difficult was it for a customer to interact with your company? This plays an important role as effortless interactions at key touchpoints of the customer journey can help to ensure better customer loyalty.

What questions should you include in your customer loyalty survey?

Q: How well does our product address your requirements? 

Although it’s a broad question, it can give you actionable results. In case your products fail to match the needs of your customers, it will help you identify those gaps and make required changes. Also, including an open-ended space can help you get additional context from the answers. 

Q: What does our product mean to you?

After communicating your brand’s vision and the value proposition of your product, it’s important to check if your customers can see those same qualities or are there any confusions? You can either make this question open-ended (for indirect answers) or close-ended (for specific qualities). 

Q: Kindly rate your experience of using our product? 

Using this question, you can measure your CSAT number. All you need to do is add the number of satisfied responses and divide the sum by the total number of responses.  

Q: If given a chance to change any one thing in our product, what would you do? 

To close the gaps or fix the issues in your product or service, you need to understand what customers find missing. It can either be something small or a big issue that you won’t become aware of until you ask.  

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of our product or service? 

This question is a perfect option for assessing what works well for your customers. By leveraging this information, you can easily surface effective portions of your product or service and highlight them in your marketing as well as sales.

Q: Does our product make it easy for you to achieve goals?

Usually, customers don’t make any impulse purchase. They purchase something only when they feel it will add some value to their lives. It could either be a small task or a big change. Uncovering the goals of customers will play a pivotal role in drafting effective marketing campaigns. 

Q: How often do you prefer using our product or service?
This question is important for determining if your customer retention efforts are performing well or not. You can see whether customers are leaving after using your offering once? Or they keep coming back because they like your offerings?

Q: Do you feel our product is value for money? 

It’s important to ask your customers if your product’s value matches its price. This helps to gain insights into how customers feel about your products. This lets you understand if your products are too pricey or not! 

Q: How easy was it for you to navigate our website? 

You may consider your website user-friendly and helpful to customers for solving their concerns, while the customers may not find so. By understanding how easy to use your website is, you can reduce churn effectively. 

Q: What was your main reason for visiting our website? 

If you know the reason why customers visit your website, you’ll be able to generate new features or personalized content according to their needs. This helps you deliver an exceptional experience to your customers in the future.

Q: How likely are you to recommend our company to your friends or family? 

Being known as the Net Promoter Score® question, it helps to gauge the experience of customers with your product or service. If their experience is positive, they’ll be ready to refer your brand to people they know. This can play a pivotal role in expanding your business. Likewise, if the customer experience is negative, they’ll spread negative feedback about your brand which can spoil its brand value.  

Q: Will you consider purchasing products from our company in the future? 

The key measure behind the success of your business depends on how many customers keep coming back, i.e. your customer retention rate. If your customers don’t return after making one purchase, you need to figure out what’s driving them away! 

Q: Did our customer service agent make you feel valued? 

Sending a survey after a customer interacts with your customer support agent plays an important role in evaluating the effectiveness of your customer service and identifying the areas of improvement.  

Q: What measures should our company take for improving your experience? 

Including an open-ended question in your survey to ask customers where your company is lacking is a great idea. This helps you gain insights into the areas where you need to focus on elevating the customer experience. 

Q: Do you want to give any additional feedback to us? 

You might have missed asking something important to your customers. Including a generic open-ended question at the end of your survey allows customers to share anything they want. Also, it lets you gain insights about things you didn’t even expect.

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Making the most of your customer loyalty surveys

Keeping it simple

 In order to gather valuable information from customers, it’s essential to design a survey that asks them the right questions. As customers are not responsible for providing you with constructive criticism, you need to ensure that your survey includes questions that allow respondents to give thoughtful feedback. The key to generating insightful feedback is asking clear and simple questions while keeping your survey short in length.

Data Monitoring

It’s important to keep a track of your metrics with time. By keeping an eye on your results (i.e. if they’re improving or deteriorating with time), you can understand if your survey questions are performing or there are further changes required. 

Focusing on the positives

When you send surveys for improving customer loyalty & retention, they majorly focus on asking customers what’s going wrong and where are the improvements required. Undoubtedly asking such questions is important, but you should also frame questions related to what’s going well in your company. This lets you develop a plan on your brand’s existing strengths.

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Voxco’s powerful analytics software can help you analyze trends and patterns in your customer behavior. Uncover actionable insights to effectively improve organizational productivity.

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Voxco’s exceptional platform is known for delivering round-the-clock support and guidance so that our clients can truly get the most from their customer loyalty surveys.

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Voxco comes equipped with flexible hosting options that allow you to store your data on your premises, compliant with your security protocols, or securely in the cloud.

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