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What is a Cloud Contact Center?​

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A Cloud Contact Center handles communication with their customers and clients through multiple channels like email, social media, mobile apps, chatbots, phone calls, etc. It is different from a Call Center in the sense that a Call Center communicates only over phone calls with their customers.

A Cloud Contact Center manages all inbound and outbound communication with the customers/clients with secured access.

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How can Cloud Contact Center help you?

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  • Customer Insight: With a Cloud Contact Center you can follow the customer journey throughout the channels they have used to be in contact with you. You can study their habits, possible issues, and also their history to anticipate their needs and provide better customer service.
  • Remote Data Storage:  Cloud contact center stores data in a remote data center which can be accessed by employees connected to the internet. Due to easy access to secure cloud data storage, cloud contact center streamlines the work process.
  • Security: A Cloud Contact Center also ensures superior security of  customer information with features like limited access to the data based on roles, enhanced authentication process and more. 
  • Scalability: With a Cloud Contact Center you can anticipate and scale the workforce to meet the flow of customer demands. The software predicts and makes it simple for the company to reduce or add the agents needed. 
  • Performance: A Cloud Contact Center ensures continued performance with minimum downtime, immediate disaster control and automatic failover. In case of server crash, cloud contact centers can use multiple stand-by servers to route calls to reduce call dropouts and bad customer experiences.  
  • Recruit From Anywhere: An agent can access and complete their work as long as they are connected to the internet. The Cloud Contact Center allows remote working. This implies that you can hire anyone to work for you from anywhere.

What Makes Cloud Contact Center Convenient?

Easy Setup and User Friendly

    • A cloud contact center can be set up easily, with only 3-4 steps like setting up a call forwarding number, updating agent profiles and creating workflows. 
    • The software is user friendly which makes it easier for call center agents to operate, supervisors to monitor and for organization to generate in-depth performance reports. 

Customer Journey Mapping  

    • A Cloud Contact Center integrated with CRM, and other applications can provide customer journeys in detail. Your agents can have access to all relevant data of the customers to personalize their conversation. Moreover, the customers also are not required to repeat themselves. This improves customer satisfaction. 

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

    • Providing omnichannel customer engagement enables companies to retain 89% of customers compared to their counterparts who observe 33% retention rate without omnichannel presence. 
    • A cloud contact center allows omnichannel presence on platforms like social media, email, sms, phone calls and over other online channels. Customers get flexibility to interact with brands via multiple options which enhance customer experience. 

Performance & operational management

    • A Cloud Contact Center allows supervisors to manage the workforce, SLA and the live dashboards along with other reporting tools help keep a record of the agent’s and call center’s performance. Monitoring performance throughout the center can ensure productivity and better customer service.

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