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What is customer 360 view?

Businesses these days focus on two things: customer and data. And even more important is the customer data. The way teams and people in an organization access the customer data and use it to make important business decisions matters a lot to your brand’s success in the market.

A better way to sort the customers’ data management and warehousing is by having a customer 360 view in place. Customer 360 or customer 360 view is nothing but a single view or a version of the customer data that is accessible to all the cross-functional teams in an organization. This customer data can be any customer demographics like name, address, age, contact, or purchase history and information on their communication with the business.

With a customer 360 view, you get to have a unified data set for the entire organization to follow and base its business decisions on. Teams can access the same customer data and have a unified sense of the customer behavior and response.

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How does customer 360 benefits the organization?

to understand better how customer 360 view works well for your organization, let us take a look at some of its prime benefits.

Data analytics

Brands today depend heavily on the data that comes in and what is it trying to tell. This process of capturing, storing and analyzing data to gain insights and use it to make valuable business decisions.

With customer 360 view, you can analyze customer data using all the customer information that is available at one place. With customer 360 view of customer data, you can draw customer insights like their product preferences, buying history, interaction with the business and make business decisions accordingly.


With customer 360 view in front of you, teams get all the information of the customer. Example: the marketing team can access the customer purchasing history and how they react to the marketing campaigns and advertisements. Based on these insights, marketing teams can plan their strategies accordingly, in a way that will appeal the customers better.

Along with that, sales teams can propose personalized offers and discounts to individual customers by analyzing their individual performances.

Customer experience

Customers stay loyal to the brand when they fee like they’re being listened to. Customer 360 view has a perfect benefit for you when you want to provide a better customer experience on every step.

Customer 360 helps you to understand each and every customer’s behavior, what their preferences are and how their buying patterns are consistent. Based on this information, sales teams can come up with creative offers and marketing teams can interpret their strategies. Such customizations make the customers feel valued and paid attention to.

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 Cross- dependency

Customer 360 view helps you to unify the customer data that goes into decision making for the business. With one single source of data for customer data, teams that function together are in sync and better at communication.

Teams like sales, marketing and customer service work together. Marketing team might need data on how much sales were made on the new product that was launched and advertised by them. Whereas, sales teams can find the loopholes on why the product isn’t selling well by looking at the customer service data inputs and looking at the customer interaction with the business.


To conclude the discussion, customer 360 view is useful tool to get your customer data in one place. This makes it easier for the cross-functional teams to access the data as a whole and communication with each other.

It also helps you make sure that all the aspects of the customers are fulfilled right from the product delivery to customer experience throughout the customer journey.

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