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What is Image Choice Grid?

An image choice grid is a simple question type that enables respondents to choose one or multiple images from a specified list of options. This question type works seamlessly with all types of images, icons, pictures, animated GIFs, photographs, etc. Using an image choice grid ensures the images look sharp on devices (both desktop as well as mobile) due to its auto-format functionality. It’s a close-ended question type that plays a key role in prompting respondents to pick the ideal image(s) that resonate with their answer. 

Example of Image Choice Grid

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Where is an Image Choice grid used?

As surveys with open-ended questions can get boring, most respondents prefer not to answer such long surveys and abandon them. Using an image choice grid help to rectify that issue. This question type works similarly to a regular single/multiple-choice question, the only difference is respondents get images as their answer options. Also, this question type can help you create an engaging environment by capturing the attention of your respondents. As the respondents find it easy to select an image instead of reading the answer options, they come up with more accurate responses. Thus, an image choice grid helps to gather actionable insights from the survey.

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What are the advantages of using Image Choice Grids?

Highly engaging: With images as the answer options, this question type makes the survey interactive and more fun for the respondents. This increases the response rate of the surveys as respondents prefer image answer options over text.

Huge data collection: On adding image choice grids in your surveys, respondents are prompted to answer every time. As they don’t feel bored while answering (which usually happens with text-based questions), including images in answer options helps to boost the volume of responses.

Easy to understand:  Including images in the answer options makes it easy for the respondents to understand the essence of the question. This further promotes the respondents to provide feedback on every question.

High-quality feedback: Using image choice grids in your survey can help to solicit high-quality responses from the survey takers. As respondents don’t prefer reading text-based answers, this question type can help to actively engage them. This empowers you with feedback that matters.

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