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External Data Source Survey Question

Allow respondents to upload custom files – reduce survey complexity.

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What is an External data source question, and how does it work in a survey, questionnaire?

Surveys can be of multiple types and complexities. Sometimes you may need your respondents to upload files (personal documents, photographs, media) to validate their identity or experience necessitating the use of external data source questions in your survey. 

These files are uploaded to a previously decided server. You can choose to set limits on file sizes that best suit your requirements. Researchers will have access to uploaded files the moment the upload process is complete.

What are the advantages of external data source survey questions?

Easy data collection: In many scenarios it can be inconvenient to fill out forms. When you’re conducting research in the field, you may not have the time to fill out personal ID forms. External data source survey questions can help alleviate this.

Credibility: As mentioned earlier – you may need to validate your respondents’ identity, their expertise or their experience. By allowing them to upload files you can authenticate respondents and add credibility to their responses.

Versatility: External data source survey questions can also be used to collect reference documents while filling out a questionnaire.

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Where can you use external data source questions in a survey?

These survey questions are extremely handy when conducting market research or lengthy and complex surveys. Whenever you may need additional data to supplement your responses, you can use external data source questions.

They can also be used when you need to validate respondent identity or credibility and expertise.

Example of external data source survey question

Let’s say you are conducting a survey about universities, and would like to know how your respondents’ opinions differ on the basis of their educational qualifications. You can add an external data source survey question to accept your respondents’ documents. 

This will allow you to gauge your client’s qualifications and track how they responded to certain aspects of your survey.

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