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Give context to your surveys with descriptive text elements.

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What is a “descriptive text survey question” and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

Descriptive text survey questions are unique elements one can add to their surveys. Essentially, they allow researchers to add text content to your surveys without appending a question. These can be easily used for descriptive purposes, and as a way to relay information to the respondent.

Example of Descriptive text survey question

Consider that you are planning to launch a new car, and after months of R&D, you’ve finally got a prototype ready to be shown to the public. However, before unveiling the car at the Detroit Motor Show, you’d like to get some insights about your vehicle. 

You can use descriptive text survey questions to lay out your car’s essential features, and even share images of certain design elements you’d like to get feedback on later in the survey.

What are the advantages of Descriptive text survey questions?

Knowledge transfer: Descriptive text survey questions are extremely effective tools for informing your respondents about a topic. If you are a brand, this survey type can be used as an opportunity to inform your target audience about company developments, product updates and more. 

Versatile: Researchers can integrate descriptive text with images, videos as well as text. These serve well as introductions and as instructional content.

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Where can you use Descriptive text survey questions?

Descriptive text questions are extremely adaptable and can be used in any scenario you deem fit. Let’s say you’re conducting market research about a new product. You can use descriptive text questions to inform potential customers about new features in your product.

This survey question can also serve as an introduction page for your questionnaire, and can inform respondents about what they can expect in the survey, and what the results of the survey will help change.

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