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What is data upload in surveys?

An organization conducts various feedback and reviews surveys with the customers and employees, since these two are the driving force behind any business. Hence, every time you conduct a new survey, you need to make sure you have all the customers and employees, old and new ones.

With data upload, you can import external data into surveys so that you reach out to as many people as possible. This survey will be sent to the respondents who are there in your database. So, it is important that you keep your database updated with all the interactions respondents have with your organization.

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Example of data upload in surveys

Let’s consider an organization who sells products to its customers. The authorities decide to conduct a customer feedback survey, which is a monthly practice. There will be so many customers within a month’s timespan who came into the business with the organization. 

The organization can then derive a list of new customers who joined the business within that month and upload their information in the database, with all the right mappings of their contact details, etc. this way, when the customer feedback survey is distributed across the employee base for that month, the organization knows that new customers are also being included in the process.

Uses of data uploads in surveys

Having the company database updated always helps in keeping in touch with the customers and employees. Whether it is advertising new products to your customers, conducting feedback surveys with the customers and employees, or brainstorming ideas. Data upload plays an important role in ensuring that the new customers and employees are being included in all the company interactions, no matter how often those interactions take place.

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Advantages of using data upload in surveys

  • More respondents – including new customers and employees give you a larger respondents base to conduct your surveys. More respondents mean more accurate and rich data.
  • Data segmentation – importing external data helps you in data segmentation. It helps you to know your respondents and the data coming from them, ultimately helping in making sense of the data.
  • Time saving – without data upload, you might have to conduct the survey again and again to cover all the missing participants. But with data upload taking place frequently, you will always have an updated respondent list to conduct surveys with, thus saving lots of time.

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