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What is a “constant sum survey”, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

Constant sum survey questions are used in surveys for market researchers in which respondents are asked to allocate a weightage to multiple options. You can define what the weightage will total up to be.

Example of constant sum survey questions

Consider that you’re a travel agent and you’re gauging how much of their budget respondents wish to allocate to different aspects of their trip. They can adjust the sliders as shown in the image to indicate how much they wish to spend for each individual attribute.

Please allocate 100 points on how you wish to spend your budget 01 01

What are the advantages of a consultant sum survey question?

Accurate survey data: In a constant sum survey question, respondents are tasked to allocate points to different attributes based on their choices. The total sum shows how respondents weigh the importance to each option. This in turn ensures better accuracy in your survey.

Easily deployable: Constant sum survey questions offer an accurate insight into customer preferences. You can find out which option is the most important to the customers and by what factor.

Easy to respond: To answer a constant sum question in survey, respondents can use a slider and it will populate the points in the answer boxes. Respondents can also choose to type their response in the response box.

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Where can you use constant sum survey questions?

These survey questions are useful for when researchers want to find out how much weightage in terms of importance to different attributes of a topic at hand.

The topic at hand can be any scenario you deem fit.

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