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Seamlessly integrate audio clips into your surveys – give more context to your respondents.

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What is an “Audio Survey question”, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

Audio survey questions are those which have audio files embedded in them. These audio files are present usually to provide the user with some context, on the basis of which they can answer following questions. Audio files can typically convey a lot of information which would otherwise take a respondent a long time to read through. 

What are the advantages of audio survey questions?

Engaging: These questions can quickly grab the attention of respondents and lower drop off rates.

Help in marketing: Audio files can convey emotion, which is a tool you can use for marketing purposes within the survey.

Where can you use audio surveys?

Audio survey questions can be used in multiple scenarios. Whether you would like to provide more context to the respondent before asking further questions. You can even use these questions to market your product, as audio can convey excitement, which is much harder via text. You can use audio files as context for questionnaires being used for quizzes as well.

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Example of audio surveys

For example, you’re changing a jingle which has been associated with your brand for a long time. You can place the new jingle as an audio survey question, and then ask respondents questions like

  1. q) What did you think of our new jingle?
  2. q) What do you feel about the length of our new jingle?
  3. q) Which emotion from the following does the clip make you feel?


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