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Advanced randomization

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What is Advanced randomization?

Advanced randomization moves forward than questions and focuses on randomizing the answer options. There are situations where the order in which the answer options influence respondents to choose certain options. 

Example, a question where you ask your customers to rate their satisfaction on customer service. Your answer options are very satisfied, satisfied, neutral, unsatisfied and very unsatisfied. When you order your options in the same manner, it may influence respondents to choose the first option they see, which is “very satisfied and satisfied”. When this happens, most of them will be choosing an option which they initially did not feel like. 

This will contribute to diluted data at your end, giving false results.

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Example of advanced randomization

Advanced randomization will shuffle the food items every time some respondent answers the questions. This will prevent the bias that happens when the respondent is in a hurry and chooses the first option it sees.

Uses of advanced randomization

Advanced randomization can be helpful in concept testing where the respondents choose answer options from random options present. Feedback surveys also use advanced randomization where the respondents can pay attention to the every answer option before giving their feedback about research topics. 

In online tests, survey creators can shuffle the answer options so that students are forced to go through all options and avoid any cheatings.

Types of randomization

  • Block – block randomization helps in grouping certain questions in one block and the blocks will be randomized. In addition to that, questions inside the block can also be randomized based on need. 
  • Question randomizer – randomizing each and every question is also a method to avoid biases. Here rather than block, every question will be present at random. 
  • Answer option – it displays answer options at random to the respondents.

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Advantages of advanced randomization

  • Advanced randomization helps you prevent order bias caused when respondents choose the first option they see in a hurry, without paying attention to other answer options. 
  • With no biases, you get trusted and accurate data. 
  • The quality of data gathered from surveys that have advanced randomization configured have better quality than those which do not have advanced randomization configured. 
  • With shuffling answer options, respondents do not feel bored or fatigued by similar answer patterns.

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