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What is a sales dialer?

A sales dialer is a software solution that can help businesses speed up cold calling. Most manual dialing solutions are not great for productivity. Sales dialers can interface with predefined lists for callers and combined with an auto dialer software helps boost call center productivity. When agents hang up, sales dialers automatically dial the next number.

Why should you use a sales dialer in your organization?

Sales dialers help drive efficiency at the workplace. Your sales team wasting time dialing numbers is an unnecessary cost to your organization. Sales dialers make the entire process faster and less tedious for your agents. 

Any B2B or B2C company making outbound calls needs to invest in a sales dialer.

Sales Dialer

Getting a sales dialer up and running

The efficiency of your sales dialer depends on a few factors. The key is to ensure you have good contact data. You can subscribe to databases to get access to high quality customer data. A sales dialer also greatly depends on the telephony solution employed by your business. Do you have an automatic call distributor? Or do you have a virtual call center software setup?

All of these factors have a role to play in determining your sales dialer efficiency.

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Types of sales dialers

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Sales Dialer FAQs

A sales dialer is a software solution designed to speed up the pace of the sales calling process.

Both. Sales dialers need communications equipment that is leveraged by software to optimize the sales call process.

Yes. Voxco’s omnichannel telephony solutions can interface with a sales dialer to help maximize overall workplace productivity.

Yes. Sales dialers generate a lot of data that can be used for analytics and therefore require storage.

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