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Delight your customers and agents with an exceptional experience using Voxco’s omnichannel call center solutions. Reaching out to customers has never been so easy!

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What is an omnichannel call center?

An omnichannel call center allows customers to reach out for help whenever they want, through any medium they prefer. Using an omnichannel call center ensures that customers don’t have to explain their issues again to agents every time they switch a channel. In fact, it empowers them to switch communication channels (like phone, email, text (SMS), or social media) with ease. By effectively syncing up all customer data, the omnichannel call center makes agents aware if a customer is approaching them for the first time or 15th time.

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Why businesses should invest in omnichannel call centers?

How Voxco can help you make the most of your omnichannel call center?

Enhanced Call Center Productivity

Automated Dialing

Voxco offers fully or partially automated dialing modes that ensure your agents don’t have to manually dial numbers unless required. Learn more about dialer automation here.

Customizable dialing algorithms

Voxco’s cloud dialer relies on intelligent calling algorithms that are dedicatedly tailored for seamless blending of inbound and outbound calls.

Single system peace of mind

With Voxco’s omnichannel call center solutions, you don’t have to be concerned about interaction issues with third-party dialers. Depending on your predefined rules, Voxco Dialer starts dialing from the word go.

Flexible Dialing Modes

Preview Mode

Our omnichannel call center software automatically pushes phone numbers onto agents’ screens, making them review each case. Agents can either instruct the dialer to make a call or manually dial when ready.

Predictive Mode

Being a fully automated dialing mode, our predictive mode uses an algorithm for predicting the agents’ availability and constantly adjusts the dialing rate accordingly. This helps call centers maximize call productivity and reduce call drops.

Power Mode

Also known as progressive mode, the power mode is a fully automated non-predictive dialing mode. Its dial rate is set to prevent dropped calls. As the outgoing calls are based on agent availability, it enables you to balance zero-drop rates with high productivity.

Manual Dialing

Using Voxco TCPA Connect, US-based call centers can gain access to 4 manual dialing deployment scenarios, that empower them to improve productivity through integrated call monitoring, accurate statistics, as well as automated distribution.

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Minimize downtime

Instant connections

Voxco’s omnichannel call center software connects callers with live agents instantly – no other system does it faster.

No more wrong numbers

By seamlessly cleaning your call list and removing out-of-service numbers, Voxco Dialer ensures that time isn’t wasted on bad calls.

Adjustments as per current call scenarios

Voxco Dialer helps you maximize productivity while reducing dropped calls. It adjusts the rate at which calls are placed according to changes in the answer rate.

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Integrated Communication Channels

Omnichannel availability

Voxco’s call center software solutions enable your support to be available on diverse channels such as email, social media, live chat, phone, etc. This provides customers multiple channels to directly interact with your brand.

Seamless Customer Experience

With an omnichannel presence, agents can seamlessly switch between channels while resolving customer queries. With an omnichannel call center software, agents can easily access the customer history across various channels and offer a relevant resolution quickly.

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Why trust Voxco for your omnichannel call center needs?

Extensive feature set
Advanced Analytics
Matchless Scalability
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Premium service and support 3
Single Vendor Advantage

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