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Tons of inbound and outbound calls are attended by the agents. Sometimes the agent may flatter during a conversation, unable to provide a response. The feature of “Call Whisper” enables the managers/supervisors to help the agents during those calls. 

You can personally go to each agent and instruct them what to say, that would disrupt the flow of the conversation. So, Call Whisper is your go to feature when your agent needs help

What is Call Whispering?

Call Whispering is a telephony feature used by managers or supervisors to guide call center agents in their conversation with a customer or client. The use of a call whisper is convenient because only the agent can hear the manager. The customer is not bothered or interrupted during the conversation.

In contrast to the traditional system, Cloud-Based phone system and CRM has made the entire process efficient and seamless. By helping to coach the agents in real-time, Call Whispering has improved productivity along with sales and customer service. 

Also, by choosing to just listen and not engage with the agent, a manager can use “call whisper” to listen to a conversation between an agent and a customer. This way the manager knows when they need to get involved and help the struggling agent.

How does Call Whisper work?

Other than managers helping an agent in real-time, “call whisper” also helps the agent by providing necessary information that can be useful during the conversation.

It provides the agent information about the caller before the caller is connected to the agent. 

A call center will link ad campaigns to the center’s virtual phone number. When a customer calls for a selected campaign, the call will be routed to agents. 

When the agent receives the call, before the call is connected, the agent will receive a call whisper through their headset. 

The agent will be provided with the selected campaign case and other campaign information will be displayed on the agent’s computer.

The agent can be prepared with all the information about the campaign which will improve the customer service. The agent can access the campaign script along with other information available on the company website. This can help the agent in converting the prospect into a client.

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How can “Call Whisper” improve the agent performance?

Call Whispering makes it easy for the managers to train the agents. Moreover, using “call whisper” to help the troubled agent ensures that the agent does not have to put the caller on hold while they ask for help from their colleagues. 

Supporting the agent in solving the issue will boost their confidence. The agent will also feel satisfied with their performance leading to a more satisfied customer. 

Call Whispering although as a stand-alone can help in training and enhance the performance of the agent. Using call whisper with other telephony features will increase productivity. 

  • With Call Monitoring: Call Monitoring enables you to listen to a conversation and get a first-hand impression of how your agents are handling the calls. You can understand if your agents are following the best practices of customer service. Also, you can get a picture of what they are doing wrong. 
  • With Call Recording: While teaching the agents when they are on call is an excellent way to train the agents, Call Recording can help the agents understand how they can improve. With access to the call recording, the agents can learn how experts handle the calls and identify how they can improve their performance.
  • With Call Barging: Call Whispering allows a manager to provide aid to the agent. The customer remains ignorant of a third person in the call. 

In some cases, the caller may become frustrated and the agent may not be able to handle the situation even with their manager passing notes. In such cases, the manager can barge in on the call and take control of the situation. 

The manager or supervisor who was monitoring the call can take over and help de-escalate the situation. The agent will feel less pressured and learn more ways to control the situation directly from the experts.

Call Whispering allows the agent to complete the call on their own without having to put the caller on hold or reschedule the call. The agent, as a result, feels confident having completed a task and is motivated to perform better in the future.

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What are the benefits of using “Call Whisper” in your call center?

Choosing the feature of call whisper you can

  • Train your agent in a practical situation
  • Track your agents and listen to their conversation
  • Provide additional information to your agents
  • Teach new agents to use proper language
  • Provide new perspective during sales pitching
  • Training new agents to manage when customers/clients become aggressive or abusive
  • The client can’t hear the conversation between agent and supervisor, thus, keeping the information safe.

Having the feature of call whisper in your VoIP system, the agents can remain calm and confident knowing that they will receive help or advice instantly when they need it. Call whispering is advantageous when the agent has to go through a complex deal. 

The benefit of receiving tips and advice in real-time can make a huge difference in the result of the call with the customer. The call whisper feature, thus, is very efficient to provide customer satisfaction. 

The customer receives the required information without having to call back again. Similarly, the agent learns ways to handle a conversation and improve their performance.

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Voxco’s “Call Whisper” Feature

On the main Monitoring page, the sidebar displays a list of all projects. Once a project(s) have been selected, the active interviewing sessions will be displayed in the main part of the screen. 

Supervisors can choose to monitor a conversation in real-time using either visual or audiovisual monitoring with any one of the View, Listen, Whisper, and Join modes. 

Whisper: The supervisor can listen to a conversation and the agent will hear what the supervisor says on the phone. This mode is used by supervisors to whisper instructions to the agent without the customer/client knowing.


Call whispering is a proactive way to train the agents in a call center. Along with all the other features available with “Call Whisper”, it takes the training of an agent to a new level. 

As per The Economist, to learn from humans how to handle complex calls, artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning (ML) will be employed in a call center in the future. 

With the speed and efficiency of AI and ML, it will be helpful to human agents. The AI and ML can analyze similarity in past interactions and using the “call whisper” display it on the agent’s screen.


Call Whispering is a feature used in call centers by managers and supervisors. The feature allows them to listen and give advice to the agent during a call without the caller being able to hear. Call Whisper is used largely to train the agents in real-time.

The call whisper, when an agent answers an inbound call, provides information that summarizes the campaign or any other information to the agent on their screen.

With the benefit of receiving timely advice from the manager or experienced peer, the agent feels confident to complete the call. The agent experiences practical training and learns directly from the manager to handle a complex situation. 

The support from the manager motivates the agent to become productive.